In which L. Paul Bremer III makes me laugh

This new article in USAToday describes some misplacement of funds in the administration of the CPA.

Imagine what kind of Python-esque humor could be had with that quote.

Regarding nine billion taxpayer dollars lost without a trace?
That is pretty funny! :smiley:

Compared to the millions in the Oil for Food… its only 9 billions… but I guess its going to pass by without much notice by US voters.

Well, you know what they say: A billion here, a billion there…

I think they did use western style accounting practices, like those of Enron and Tyco.

pretty soon you’re talking… what, … oh

What did they care?

It’s not like it was their money.

I’ll bet you could build a hell of a WMD program with 9 billion.

Before the war, there were 17 cement plants in Iraq. None of them were damaged by bombing. Where does the rebuilding effort get its cement? Outside contractors. The obvious way to help Iraq is to give the Iraqis jobs in the rebuilding. Instead we pay American truck drivers $80,000 a year plus life insurance. Why? Because it flows through Kellogg, Brown, and Root (a subsidiary of Halliburton.)

Capitalism is a wonderful thing, but there’s something fishy here.

And yet, the “liberal” news media would rather spend 20 minutes covering Michael Jackson’s arrival at the courtroom today than this piece o’ news.