In which Maggie asks for help (Gofundme)

So. Those who have been following along may remember this thread that I started in 2015, when i was first diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. In the 3 1/2 years since my diagnosis, my life has pretty much continued on - able to work full time, do most of the stuff I like to do, etc. Now, though, that has changed.

On the day after Thanksgiving, my oncologist told me that the most recent MRI showed that my primary tumor, on the corner of Colon & Rectum, has regrown to approximately the size it was when this all started. That is to say, it has become resistant to the various chemotherapies we have thrown at it, and we’re pretty much out of chemo drugs.

And now everything is different. And now I need help.

I have gone on Disability from work, which means my income is reduced. Fortunately, our lease expires on 1/1, and we will be able to move in to a much cheaper apartment next to my parents, so they will be able to help my husband care for me. We’ll need to pay for movers, plus storage (downshifting from a 2-bedroom to a 1-bedroom), plus I would like to see a doctor at USC for a second opinion and Kaiser generally won’t pay for that.

My folks started a Gofundme a couple days ago, and my friends have been very kind. Our initial goal has been met, which takes care of immediate needs, but we are continuing to raise money for future issues - I’ll need to deal with COBRA stuff, for one thing, and that ain’t cheap. If any Dopers could help out, I would totally appreciate it.

Gofundme link:

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Best wishes.

You might look into the possibility of a clinical trial:

Thats one of the reasons I want to see Dr. Lentz at USC - he’s involved with or aware of a lot of trials - USC having a much higher interest in research, etc than Kaiser does.

I gave a bit. I’m hoping things go your way, Maggie.


I chipped in. I hope you can see that doctor soon. Best wishes.

Thank you very much. I’m working on it!

All the best luck in the world, Maggie. We need more healthy ocelots in the world!

You mentioned disability and COBRA. Does your employer offer disability income insurance? I would have thought you’d still be eligible for employer-funded healthcare, if so, but I guess not.

Have you applied for SSDI yet? If not, do that; Medicaid is better than nothing (I assume).

If you have Kaiser then you can’t get regular Medicaid, which is the payer of last resort. However Medicaid may have a program that helps pay the premiums of your commercial insurance. At least that’s how it works in Massachusetts.

That’s worth checking into.

However: my thinking was that if Maggie can be qualified for SSDI, she might qualify for Medicaid instead of Kaiser.

I’ll second the SSDI. Get an attorney if you can. They won’t charge you until the Disability is approved.

That’s also a possibility. In Mass. if you qualify for SSDI you are automatically eligible for Medicaid. I would strongly urge Maggie to apply for both.

I’ll definitely look into that. As it is, my work will pay for my health insurance for up to 6 months while I’m on disability, though I have to pay them back for my portion when I quit or return to work. After that I will have to either do COBRA or Medicaid (if allowed) or find insurance thru Obamacare.

Many, many thanks to the Dopers who have contributed. Yet another reason to love the community which is this message board.

Please keep us posted. I’m interested to hear what happens with your Medicaid.

I haven’t been on the boards much lately; I’m glad I saw this. I kicked in $10. I would like to have sent one of our spiffy new vertically-oriented plastic $10 notes, but just pinging my Koho (prepaid Visa) card is so much easier… :slight_smile:

I just donated a little bit. Rest in Peace, Maggie the Ocelot.

Wait, she died?

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Oh ok, thank you.

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