In which OpalCat takes over the world

As a member of this board, I defy you to look at the following link and NOT see that an upcoming HP tablet is called the “HI Opal” (the ! Is silent)

Yesh, the Hi Opal meme has broken free of the bounds of this board and will lie low the entire existence of humankind.

Yep. There she is by gum. . .

That’s awesome!

Uh - you do realize this is the name of a semi-precious stone, right?

The world does not revolve around us, as much as we might feel like sorority sisters sometimes.

ahem… quite possibly, so did HP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cite? :wink:

The world revolves around sorority sisters?

What’s wrong with feeling sorority sisters?

Oh…you said feeling like. Never mind.
*With willing participants, of course.


I’d be more concerned about this Sam Sung guy and his 8.9-incher.

I was amazed to learn George Orwell wrote a novel (loosely) based on my life back in 1949.

Mr. Moto is just jealous it’s not called the HP Mr.Moto

She took over the world once, in the 1960’s, for…

Sorry, first thing that caught my eye was the “8.9 incher” part of the headline, and I immediately wanted to know where to get one!

Strangely, I know one weird old tip that can do this for you. Email me your account details and we can talk.

Don’t listen to him. If you want 8.9 inches, just do what i do: fold it in half.

When I fold it in half I get 9.2" :frowning:

Actually, I stopped reading at that point . . . and I don’t remember where my mind was for the next several minutes.

You can fold yours in half? I thought they were joking when they talked about “erections lasting more than four hours”, mine’s going on twenty years.

Was your Grandfather a Kalahari Bushman?

Surely we can ignore anyone posting something this ill-informed?