In which room or rooms at the Versailles Palace did the negotiations of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference take place. Hall of Mirrors?

Every article I’ve ever read on the Paris Peace Conference usually devotes a separate mention to the signing of the Versailles Treaty in the Hall of Mirrors, leading me to assume that the negotiations were held elsewhere in the palace. I have not come across which rooms were used for that purpose (if at all).

Can you clarify the question? The conferences were held over months. The final signing took place at Versailles and it’s not unreasonable to assume there were quite a lot of diplomats and attaches wandering the place.

From wikipedia:

“It is often referred to as the “Versailles Conference,” but only the signing of the first treaty took place there, in the historic palace, and the negotiations occurred at the Quai d’Orsay, in Paris”.–1920)

Thanks smilingbandit. I see a mention of M. Pichon’s Room Quai d’Orsay as a venue for the negotiations. What type of venue was it? A university, a home?

37 Quai d’Orsay in Paris, stands the façade of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. That must have been the venue…

It’s a road (and neighborhood) located in Paris. Presumably the negotiations specifically took place in and around the Foreign Affairs Ministry building, a picture of which is included in the article below.

“Quai d’Orsay” has frequently been used as a synonym for the Ministry (sounds a bit classier than “Foggy Bottom”?), but judging by the numbers of different sets of negotiations and negotiating delegations, almost every available hotel and meeting room in Paris must have been pressed into service at some time.

Any particular ones that you know of?

Sorry, guessing.

The room used for the most important sessions at the Hôtel du ministre des Affaires étrangères was what is now the Salon de l’Horloge.

Thanks APB.