Ina Goda Davida Baby

Saw the Oct. 96 article about pompatus or pompati or puppetutes of love.

I was wondering about Iron Butterfly’s one hit wonder.
Help. What does it mean?

I can’ remember where I came across it (one of Poundstone’s books, maybe), but I’ve heard it explained as a VERY slurred rendering of “In the Garden of Eden”.

[Simpsons]“Hey Marge, remember when we used to make out to this hymn?”[/Simpsons]

An earlier thread on this subject:

This one kept me awake for a while last night, and I still cannot figure it out.

I hope you guys can help. Ive searched every where on the net but cannot find a solution.

Why do telephone keypads go from 1 to 9 but computer keypads go from 9 to 1?

Twisty, dude, you clicked the wrong button, methinks.

Speaking of the Simpson’s, remember when Bart handed out the music to In A Gadda Da Vida in church and the congregation sang it. “… twenty minutes later”, the organist passed out. I about passed out laughing.

Here, in excruciating detail, is the band’s story;
It’s in the interview.
scratch1300’s post is correct.