Inappropriate Google ads

I realize this isn’t the SDMB’s fault, and probably not everybody is seeing them. (This seems to be happening in conjunction with WinAntispyware2007, which I’m trying to get rid of. Pest control, you might say.)

But I do not want to see Paris Hilton taking a shower, thanks. And, as it’s coming up at the bottom of the page in the linked ads place, I thought I’d mention it.

ETA: Okay, now the ad’s for Lincolns. Fine, but it is still a live, moving ad, not the links that used to be there.

No fair. Mods I DEMAND you let me see Paris Hilton taking a shower. All I get is boring old insurance ads. Don’t make me take this to the Pit, you will rue the day…

I gotta wonder who appears in the shower in Paris Hilton’s browser.

I seem to have been getting the “Bushism Ringtones” ad for quite a while–and nothing else.

Heh. All I get is banner ads for a local attorney’s office. What are they trying to say to me?

Hilarity N. Suze, was the ad inappropriate because it was showing nudity? or because animated ads in general are a problem?
I’ve only seen text ads so far.

P.S. I only ask out of a general sense of curiosity, not because I have any official affiliation with SDMB management.

The Paris Hilton one didn’t show nudity but did show someone in the shower wearing a top that barely covered erect nipples. The others showed thong-clad tushes, but only the words moved. (“Watch the videos” faded into “click here NOW”).

Animated ads are a lot worse than highlighted links, for sure. But the chief problem is that most of these new ads extend over into the area where I would click to scroll down, obviously in the hopes that I will click without checking what I’m clicking on. In some cases they appear right under the cursor, without warning.

I’m getting ads for ads.

Caused by malware, not the dope IMO. The ads come from Ggoogle & they don’t do pictures, movies, or tricky mousetrapping.

Same here. That’s what I see on this page right now.

ETA: until I posted this, and they turned into insurance ads :smack:

What the heck is a Bushism Ringtone anyway?

I’m guessing soundclips of him saying various goofs and malaprops, but I just can’t envision buying one so my phone would start yammering *strategery… strategery… strategery… * when someone calls me.

But then, I can’t envision buying *any * ringtones, much less any of this new crop that requires monthly subscriptions.

According to the cease-and-disist order I received today, it’s me. Sorry.

Implementing the hosts file that this link has will solve a lot of problems with the ads you have and helps against some maleware. You should read and decide for yourself, if you can do this.

What about femaleware?

It should help prevent those ads too.

Hooray! I rejoice that now I see the Bush ringtones (WTF?) that everybody else sees…not Paris Hilton in the shower.

Anyway this is how I prefer it. Oddly enough, my husband demanded to see–but by then I had cleaned the malware off the computer.