Inaugural funds for losing candidates

I started to wonder recently if, amidst all the concentration on trump’s other activities, attention wasn’t being paid to another potential issue. Specifically what happened to any funds raised for his 2021 inaugural (which, of course, didn’t happen). I mean, surely they don’t wait until after Election Day to start fundraising for that. Then I got to thinking, hey, was any money raised for Hillary’s 2017 inaugural? What happened to that? Anybody shed any light on any of this?

This is a several part question, it turns out.

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies finances the formal ceremonies from public money.

But that doesn’t cover every expense.

Chapter 5 of title 36 of the United States Code authorizes Congress to make appropriations for the inauguration; however, the appropriations are limited to funding the costs of municipal services associated with the inaugural events. Accordingly, the inaugural committee accepts donations to cover the costs associated with all other inaugural events. These donations are supposed to begin after the election.

Those other donations are supposed to be reported to the FEC just like any other political donations. Since they are subject to misuse, the feds can go after abusers. And has.