Incel: Involuntary Celibacy! (and cray-cray)

So I’m hanging out on an anonymous forum, the purpose of which is to find weird things on the internet to point fingers at so we can laugh, and someone has dug up this turd-nugget.

For the Tumblr virgins out there, this is the blog of a 24-year-old man who identifies as “involuntarily celibate”, or “incel” (although, as he currently has a “fuckbuddy” in his life, he’s not technically celibate anymore) and serves as a chronicle of his rants and feelings about that.

If I were asked to describe this young man in one word, I would put a finger up to my lips and make bibble noises. Some choice quotes:

[Responding to accusations about his behavior]

You wanted to rape your mother !

Actually, all I did was beg her for sex a couple of times I was very, very frustrated and sex starved. I did not want to have sex with her any other time than those few times nor do I want to now.

*My mother, the murderous whore, is refusing to have sex with me when that could alleviate my sexual frustration.
[An open letter to the judge who sentenced him after his most recent arrest]

Since the on October 1, 2008 judge -xxx-, who the author of this appeal found attractive enough to sleep with him, declined to do so and even threatened punishment for repetition of such request, promised that the problem of not being able to find girls will be solved by a social worker and a psychiatrist, when in reality both officals were not only people without any moral and intellectual integrity and unable to give such help but were completely ignorant of her promises, saying dangerous and extreme sentences that the author must find a girl himself;

[It’s so wrong that his shrink won’t help him get laid.]

Shrinks are my enemies, though I understand why they don’t believe me. That’s why I’ve even been institutionalized. They just don’t acknowledge the Terminator. They will eventually have to. Their only sensible solution is to either find me a girlfriend or lock me up forever and keep me in highest security department to prevent me from killing somebody because I know I will never get out anyway.

[In fact, if you don’t help him and men like him get laid, you’re a MURDERER.]

I don’t care how much suffering it caused other people. What matters is YOU. .YOU are the one who chooses to end HIS life. If your needs weren’t being satisfied by those around you and the society you live in you should kill yourself, if not take somebody responsible for it with you. Sounds callous but it’s the truth. The moment you’re staying alive to appease other people, you’re dead already. You need a life of your own.

[Involuntarily celibate men are worse off than female rape victims!]

I believe that among the same number of very long incel men and raped women incel men will suffer more – not that much more but they will suffer more. I am also convinced that more incel men than raped women will commit suicide. I cannot prove that, but neither is he able to prove his which he holds on with religious fervour. But I am pretty much convinced that 10 men suffering 10 years of incel vs 10 brutally raped women will suffer more. Only a liberal fool could claim othewise.

[He insists that he did not blackmail a woman for sex, and then tells us a story that… sounds a lot like he blackmailed a woman for sex.]

*Actually, I did not blackmail a woman for sex. What happened was that she promised sex to a sensitive, sexually inexperienced guy once just to change her mind because I said it will be weird doing it with condoms (of course I was going to use them, I was extatic about the opportunity to have sex). After three full hours of me trying to talk into doing it with me and explaining she’s making a fuss over nothing she agreed to do it again, just to change her mind when I asked her to say “brb” before taking 15 minute leaves. After that I called her on the phone, cried over the phone because of the humiliation, begged her not to treat me like that, begged her to allow me to have sex with her just once while she laughed. Than I got really mad, insulted her and she hung up. After that, in a state of dissaray and extreme rage I posted one fucking picture of her face, without her name, not expecting her to contact me ever again. But she called and offered sex to take it down and I caved in like a little desperate pussy I am, agreeing that she will come for one hour only and that there will be no kissing or oral. *

And he keeps going on and on and on. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t quote – like how he desperately wants to fuck women, but any woman who won’t fuck him (the nerve of her!) gets called terrible misogynist names. Also, it’s the government’s job to get him laid, god forbid he should work on that himself. His utter disdain for feminists and the off-handed way he talks about things like propositioning his own mother for sex is jaw-dropping. Looking through this guy’s blog is one of the most skin-crawling things I’ve ever done. My vagina is trying to retreat farther into my body to get away.

Sounds like a nice guy.

I…ah…I want to call troll on this, but I’m not sure if that’s because I honestly think it is, or if I just desperately hope it is…

And a go-getter.

God Bless the Internet for allowing these folks to expose themslves to us all, instead of keeping their rantings confined to hundreds of illegible legal pads piled up under their beds.

Just a troll - although some parts are probably true (like not getting laid).

Without looking at it any deeper than the quotes you provided, I’m still pretty sure you got whooshed by some over-the-top (and unfortunately, unfunny) satire.

No, that’s actually your vag trying to tell you how much you want to help this feller out. It’s your nurturing instinct taking hold. Don’t fight it…reach out to this poor, miserable soul and give him what he so richly deserves.

I’ll concur with those who wish and believe this to be not very humorous satire. But then again, there’re some nutty people out there, and this is the internet …

While this could be a troll, the “incel” movement is real and this guy is very involved with it. My gut feeling is that y’all are being too hopeful for calling troll on this. I think he’s sincere. And creepy.

I, for one, am shocked…SHOCKED, I say, that this guy is not getting tail left and right.

I am involuntarily celibate right now so one of you women need to come over right now and take care of it.

Of course that’s because I’m off today and my girlfriend is at work. But that’s not my fault.

Hasn’t he heard of hookers?

Probably, but I can guarantee you the hookers have heard of him.

What’s interesting is his strong rejection of the characterization that he wants a government-funded prostitute program. He says no: he wants a government-funded dating service with guaranteed results, which I take to mean some level of caring and intimacy along with the sex.

It’s not clear to me how anyone could come to the belief that the government should provide that for the people…even the people that lack the skills to get it on their own. Why would he think that?

How about the rest of the movement? Is it basically another flavor of the profoundly fucked-up manosphere?

♪I’m a go-getter guy with a gun on my hip
And I’m looking for that someone to be firing it.
I’ve narrowed down the field and I’ve taken a glance
And I’d say you have a pretty good chance
To be my girlfriend.♫

The little bit I read, because I really couldn’t read all of his program… but paying women to go on 30 dates??? No mention of sex or anything else than dates??? Well hell, I’m in I’ve been on so many bad dates already and haven’t been paid for them, why not get compensation.

Oh wait… I’m in Canada :o

He doesn’t regard other people, or at least women, as human beings on par with himself. He views them as livestock to provide for his “needs” or some sort of machinery that can be jiggered to deliver what he wants on command. The wants, needs, and feelings of women are not as important as his, in his world view, as he statements on rape clearly show.

Way back when creatures like him would just purchase a slave girl (or boy, or whatever) that could be forced to deliver what he wants on command. Society doesn’t have that option any more. If it would shut him up I’d say pass the hat and send him to a hooker but I suspect that wouldn’t really solve the real problem here. The real problem? Actual several, and we’ll start with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and a woeful lack of empathy for others.

Simple fix: go fuck themselves