Incident on a Chicago Bus

I debated with myself whether this was a Mundane type of thread but knowing the Board’s sensitivities, I opted to put this in Politics.

I was riding the 151 bus through Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, a stretch known for its geriatric population, when at a stop, the bus driver called out, “Look, there’s a Trump Supporter right there!”

I tell you, everybody pressed their faces to the windows as if the driver had said, “There’s a kangaroo there.” Everybody was like ‘Lemme see, lemme see, where?!’

Sure enough, there was a little old man in shorts with fragile knobby knees, wearing a bright red MAGA hat. To his credit, he wore a clear face shield.

And folks on the bus turned back to each other and tried to outdo each other with “Don’t get me started”,.

People are funny.

Yeah, we Trump supporters in Chicago have been hunted darned near to extinction, but there’s still a few of us left. That wasn’t me, by the way.

Do you have better knees?

I swear, I love my city. Especially when we act like a bunch of gawking rubes.

I have awesome knees. They are my second favorite organs.