Income Tax in Illinois

Okay, before anyone points it out to me, I am aware that I am an idiot. My only defense is that it was our first tax form since getting married and I apparently didn’t read the instructions well enough. Here’s the story:

I filled out our tax returns back in early February. Mr. Jeannie and I filed separately. On the forms, he claims both of us, and I claimed zero (I worked it out, and this was the way that we got the most money back). Well, he got a letter from the IRS today. Apparently, you can’t claim your spouse as a dependent if he/she has income. So they adjusted his refund. I called and a very nice woman explained to me how to get the rest of what’s due to me (since I should have claimed one instead of zero).
Now, here’s the problem: On our state (IL) tax forms, we claimed the same way as on the federal forms (married filing sep., I claim zero, he claims two). So, he got a refund and I broke even. But apparently, we must have done that wrong as well (In IL, you must claim the same on the IL1040 as you do on the federal form, so obviously, his claiming me is a no-no in the state as well).
So, anyone know what I should do? Do I re-file? Do they even care?

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Every state allows you to file an amended return. They will certainly charge you for the taxes due, and probably ding you for penalties and interest. They won’t prosecute you for fraud.

You can get more information at the Illinois Dept. of Revenue. The tax forms are here.

You’ll need 1999 IL-1040-X: Amended Individual Income Tax Return.

You’ll first want to read the Instructions for form IL-1040-X here.

You can also fill out the form online.

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