INCORRECT: can-a-90-lb-chimp-clobber-a-full-grown-man

Your article cites a study that was reviewed and considered to be grossly exaggerated by the scientist who conducted the test back in the early 1900’s.

On a review of strength, it was found that they in fact have twice as much strength as us - not 7-8 times more strength.


Which refers to the flawed study you refer to.


ETA: Link to column:

Interesting Slate article. But to be fair, Cecil does enter this caveat in the column before talking of the studies on chimp strength:

This news account answers the question definitively. Chimps are incredibly strong and can be deadly!

I daresay he was sufficiently clobbered.

Just for emphasis, the chimp in that story weighed nearly 200 lbs, not 90. I see that bit of information in your quote, but it bears repeating.

This has been brought to Cecil’s attention. I dunno if he’ll want to revisit a column that he wrote, what, 33 years ago?

I was surprised at the chimps power too.

I knew orangutans are extremely powerful. The one that appeared in Every Way But Loose with Clint Eastwood is a good example.

But a chimp like in the Tarzan movies? Of course, a lot of people don’t realize the Tarzan chimp was young. They get big as adults.

Cecil’s comments were correct.

A 200 lb. primate is probably about as strong as a 300+ lb. human weighlifter. Not to mention the fact that primates have very powerful jaws and large, strong, teeth and nails. A very dangerous opponent to fight! The owner was a 70 year old woman. She didn’t have a prayer of hurting this animal with anything short of a firearm.

I think its worth pointing out that the chimp mentioned in the news article was probably out of shape, as far as chimps are concerned… I do not think it would be even remotely possible a human being to match the strength of a 200 lb wild chimp… No matter how much iron they pumped, with or without Steroids…

As far as physical strength of the arms and hands, no. Genetics works against us there. Our wrists and hands simply can’t compare.

Well trained humans can be amazingly strong, but we have certain weak points. Our hands and wrists are relatively weak and fragile in comparison to a primate’s. Our arms are smaller and weaker relative to our body than primate’s. Our legs are much stronger though. We have no teeth or biting power to compare with a primate’s. We do however, possess superior intelligence and tactics, as well as tools. A simple spear, knife, or stout club would make a human much more dangerous to contend with.

On the ground in an open environment, a human would have a slight advantage. In a close environment with things to climb on, the chimp would. Since the chimp would be lighter in comparison to it’s strength, it would be more agile and quick.