Increasing the volume on a Youtube to itunes song

Is there anyway to increase the volume of a song I downloaded from Youtube to my itune account?

I had the youtube music turned up all the way, but when I play it back on itunes, its hard to hear.

Its Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman) playing “Plastic Jesus”. Its not available any where else, I believe.

I don’t have any suggestions, but could you perhaps clarify how exactly you transferred the song from Youtube to iTunes? Was a program used between the two? What program? Or did you somehow purchase it? or Download it? What file type is involved?

The problem I’m having is that youtube doesn’t download naturally/easily(/legally?) and iTunes doesn’t record, that I know of.

In iTunes: Get Info > Options > Volume Adjustment to where you want it. It seems to me that double volume is the max, unless percent is some arbitrary scale.

Not answering for the OP, but there are plenty of websites where you give it the YouTube URL and it outputs a movie file. I guess there are ones that make mp3s, too.

Audacity was a good application for manipulating and elementary editing of songs.
I used to record off the satellite channels (audio out to mic in) and then use it to clip to the exact moments the song started and ended, fade-in fade out, etc. IIRC it also had a volume adjust option.

(IIRC the volume adjust on iTunes did not actually change the file, it simply told your iTunes program -and presumably your iPod/iPhones - “play this one louder”)

Yes, I think so. You can also set a start and end point for the song, and iTunes will skip the rest but not alter the file. Then you can reconvert the file (be warned of possible quality loss) and the new file will be trimmed. Presumably the volume thing is similar?

This worked great, thanks!

Actually the first step is “File” then, “Get info” …

Sorry, I meant right click then Get Info, but that works too.