Incredible: Colorado Family Tries to Regain Home From Occupiers

Should I ever come home from vacation to find unauthorized visitors, they won’t be there long. There won’t be any discussion of paperwork, just muzzle flashes and a call to the cops.

My assumption is and always will be that anyone sneaking/breaking/entering my house is there to harm me or my family, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Around here it’s the sheriff’s deputies that enforce civil matters like evictions, but I think there’s a fee for their services.

I’d gladly have paid a fee, less expensive than paying their utilities and missing three months rent.

I’d hope the fact that in this case it appears that brilliant and nuanced plan would lead to your mudering two innocent people who were there because they were victims of fraud would lead you to reconsider that strategy

No, you’re missing the beauty of his plan. Kill a couple of people and the government provides you with free room and board.

Sure…find a family living peaceably in your home by accident, and murder them in cold blood. What could possibly go wrong?

They threatened me, prove me wrong, who is going to make the claims of fraud? Their family in another country?

In any case no one has answered the question aside from saying cops tend to treat it as breaking and entering, which may not be the best charge,

Imagine someone goes out for groceries and comes back to find squatters, squatters who very convincingly argue their right to remain with lies and fraudulent papers.

What should someone do? How is this usually handled?

Better hold off until you see if it works for Zimmerman.

And he would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!:stuck_out_tongue:

The sitcom solution would be to have them all live in the house together, with wacky misadventures arising from cultural misunderstandings. They’d call it something like “Mr. Potter and the Squatter,” starring Kevin James and George Lopez. Maybe these people could similarly solve all their problems by pitching a reality show.

And we can get Michael Emerson to play the real estate agent. Then all we need is to cast an inexplicably hot blonde and an inexplicably hot latina as their wives.

Usually people want to avoid shooting innocent people for reasons other then “well, I probably won’t get convicted”.

Usually people also would like the idea that society and the police wouldn’t leave them hanging when burglers have a good story and some forged documents.

Its amusing to think about, but probably not so amusing to live through. I don’t know about murdering someone in cold blood but if it happened to me and I was told to go file in court to evict them I’d make sure they knew it was in their best interest to leave on their own volition.

I don’t have money to rent a hotel for even a week.

These are nowhere near equivalent. Killing these people would be wrong even if the law were not involved at all. It was bad enough that ducati thought occupying his house and killing the occupiers were equivalent actions, but you seem to be defending it based on the idea that you might not get caught. Both are sickening positions to hold.

I smell sit-com, or really depressing reality show.

My first post was somewhat facecious as should have been obvious. I’m not defending the idea of murdering squatters in cold blood.

However in a serious question which no one has addressed I asked what the average person should do if and when they find such a group of silver tongued occupiers with some nicely photoshopped documents in their home when they return and police offer no assistance. Should one meekly withdraw hoping the occupiers allow you to remove some effects from your own home and go file a civil court case?

Oh and at least in the US state I am familiar with property is defendable with deadly force.

I wish the headline had been written slightly differently, I was wondering how Occupy Denver had gotten into these people’s house.

The homeowners should squat in the defrocked realtor’s home when he walks to the corner store.

Look in the Cleveland, OH area. They were running about 200 foreclosures/week up there. Prices start at 2/3rd of market value and once a house has been left empty and the scrappers have gone through it, it can be worth less than the land the ‘building’ is sitting on. MANY idiots have invested in ‘cheap’ houses up there only to find out they now had to either pay to demolish it or pay tens of thousands to even get it up to code enough to rent.

First, I highly doubt that this will happen while you’re out for groceries. It takes time for the scam to come about. The realtor had to show and “sell” the house. The house in the article was vacant for 8 months.

Second, it is not the job of the local PD to deal with contract disputes. The squatters believe they have purchased the house (and have lived there for months) and you believe that you own the house. So, both of you believe that you are in the ‘right.’ The PD has NO ability to make the determination about who is actually in the right. So, until someone starts throwing fists or doing or threatening harm to the other, the only thing the PD can do is advise you take it to court.

Third, if you are the one who starts waiving a weapon or throwing fists, then the local PD will probably oblige you with temporary housing, at least for the night.