Independent voters, how are you voting this election season?

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So it’s here. If a mod wants move it, they can.
Poll to come soon. I’m mainly interested in the opinions of self-described independents but I’m putting options for (nearly) everybody because it I know other people want to vote and I don’t want to skew the results too badly.

Also, so as to not poison the well too badly, I’m going to save my opinion for my second post.

And now the well poisoning begins:
I honestly cannot fathom how anyone can be an independent and plan on voting Republican. I just don’t get it.
This is either taking us into Great Debates or the Pit territory, but, across the board, whether the candidate is Republican or Tea Party, imcumbant or a fresh face, they’re running on nothing. Nothing. I see no plans of action except vague statements of eliminating things to get government to run faster. They’ll fix the problems Democrats brought us, which could quite easily be argued were brought about by Republicans.
They’ve legislated on a strategy of “NO” and they’re campaigning on a strategy of “HELL NO!” and it’s working and it’s weird because, for the life of me, I can’t see them saying they actually want to do anything or accomplish anything or have plans to do or accomplish anything.

So I want to see your side. If you’ve honestly debated the pros and the cons of each party and decided to pull the lever for a Republican, what is it that swayed your vote? What has he or she promised to do and what makes him or her a better candidate than the Democratic Party’s counterpart?

Ender, let me introduce you to Pennsylvania. Where Pittsburgh’s traditionally “liberal” newspaper, the Post-Gazette, recently endorsed Tom Corbett for Governor. The Republican.

I’m a registered independent in PA. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative. I voted for Obama. I even interned for Obama.

And I will be voting for Corbett. With much gusto. Rather than Dan Dan The Tax Man, who refuses to do property tax reassessments, introduced the Drink Tax - 10% on alcoholic poured beverages - and now refuses to release the $ to the Port Authority, to which it was promised. He is the very dirtiest and most disgusting of politicians, bred from Pittsburgh’s political machine, the North Side.

So there you have it.

This doesn’t have to be Pit-worthy. It’s really very simple in an independent’s mind: vote for the most qualified person in the race.

I can’t vote for either party. I agree with very little of the Democratic platform, and am fond of little of what they’ve accomplished in the last two years. I agree with a bit more of the Republican platform (but still not a whole lot), but it really just seems like they’re running on the idea that they’ll undo the stuff the Dems did, but don’t really have a better plan to offer.

Beyond that, there’s no Senate race in VA this year, and the 10th district is about as safe a House seat as there is. So, I’m probably not voting, but by not voting, I really mean doing a write-in as a conscientious objector.

All fair reasons on why not to vote for the incumbent.

Now why are you voting for the Republican? Is it simply because he’s not X? Could Corbett be any warm body over 35 years of age and you’d vote for him or her or is there something specific in Corbett’s platform that appeals to you?

The incumbent, Ed Rendell (a dem), is also a piece of shit (and not running). In 2004, working on my senior paper (in high school) he slashed state library funding by 50%. To pay for old people related expenses, Medicare. I realize that older voters are pandered to often and liberally, but PA has a seriously “fuck you” attitude to young people and the college educated. Rendell also got rid of the only thing the state has ever given me, the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Excellence, a 6 week pre-college program for talented students high school students (the summer before their senior year) in a variety of disciplines: business, international relations, health care, science, teaching and the arts. Corbett is the only candidate to state that he will actively try to get it back - with private funds. Which will make it more sustainable in the future, rather than have it axed at the whim of public funds. I’m all for that.

Onorato has the support of unions. Pittsburgh’s pension system has to be SERIOUSLY worked over, and I think Corbett will make them balance their budget and get their ass in gear. Corbett is for selling the state controlled liquor stores, which I’m all in favor of. PA has some of the highest liquor prices, worst selection and hours and the clerks make $20/hour for knowing less about booze than I do and being uppity to boot. Privatization is badly needed.

Corbett isn’t the greatest guy in the world (I forget exactly, but he’s not exactly for free speech with some people on Twitter; as AG he’s done some things outside of what an AG should be doing). PA has the 2nd largest state legislature (these full time hacks make $75 k/year PLUS per diems and shit). I think he’s going to make modest improvements, whereas Onorato would simply make the situation worse.

Neither are socially liberal (Onorato is slightly moreso, but not REALLY - one is for civil unions, the other not, I’m looking for the Supreme court case to matter most), and the state legislature has a lot of socially conservative Dems (which to me is a misnomer) so it’s not like I’d be getting much out of voting for Onorato either. I feel I’m more effective donating to Planned Parenthood annually then voting for Onorato.

Basically in a nutshell I think fiscally Corbett will make cutbacks, something PA desperately needs. I think he’ll make PA a better business climate for investors. I know Onorato wouldn’t. But am I taking a gamble on Corbett? Yes. But Onorato has been fucking over Western PA with great relish for years, so yes, I would vote for any warm body. But I’m actually going to enjoy voting for Corbett.

Are you asking how we’re voting in one particular race, or in general? What if we’re voting for candidates who aren’t all members of the same party?

I’m an independent liberal, so I usually end up voting for Democrats. All of the Democrats are annoying the shit out of me right now, though, so I haven’t decided. I might vote third party if there are any Greens who don’t seem like assholes.

I didn’t know how many choices to ultimately make in this poll. I considered adding options that include non straight ticket choices, but ultimately decided to go with what I’ve got.

In specific, I’m looking for reasons you’d vote Republican. In general, I’d say round up and give me your best answer.

I chose independent voting third party in the poll, but in reality I am a Libertarian and will be voting Libertarian for all offices except governor (of California), since I think Whitman is basically trying to buy the election, and has no real plan or qualifications. With the race as close as it is I’ll be voting (actually already did vote by mail) for Brown as the lesser of two evils.

In that case: I might well vote for some Democrats just because they’re Democrats. I won’t be voting for any Republicans just because they’re Republicans, but I might vote for a few Republicans because I like those particular persons and/or dislike their opponents.

I’ve been an Independent for, oh, 15 yrs or so now, and I often vote Democratic. Sometimes I vote Socialist or Green or Progressive or Independent, but if I feel my vote is really needed for the Dem. to win over the Republican, you bet I toss my vote that way.

There is more than one type of Independent. I am a progressive, liberal Independent. My standard of “best qualified” includes being a liberal/progressive, which excludes most if not all Republicans.

There are also conservative, right-wing Independents, and virtually all the increase in Independents over the last few yrs., from what I can tell, are of this sort, e.g. former Republicans, most just trying to distance themselves from a failed party and put on some appearance of non-partisan-ship, but they invariably vote for either Republicans or even further right candidates. THAT’S why, imo, they vote for Republicans; they ARE Republicans. :wink:

I will vote the second an intelligent, honest candidate who appears to be able to deliver on his promises comes along, with the single caveat that I won’t waste time voting for someone who has statistically no chance of actually winning the election (so basically no third parties). I’ve still never voted. Politics by nature precludes honesty and either disguises intelligence or prefers a lack thereof. I’m willing to be surprised but I don’t expect it.

However, I am seriously considering writing-in Stephen Colbert for President in 2012.

I generally find Repubs more detestable than Demos, but as the saying goes, a vote between a douche and a turd sandwich is no vote at all.

So let’s get this straight. Even though you OFTEN vote Democratic, yoooooou’re an Independent. But I, who am voting whole-heartedly for a Republican governor and am a registered Independent, am masquerading as a Republican.

Most independents I’ve met are masquerading Democrats just like yourself. My boyfriend’s mom can’t remember the last time she voted for a Republican, if ever. But damned if she’s a “democrat” - why she’s an Independent, thank you!

I’m voting Republican because doing nothing is vastly preferable to doing stupid things. Just saying “NO” and being obstructionist is perfectly fine when what you are saying to to and obstructing is detrimental.

Well I wouldn’t say it’s perfectly fine to be deliberately obstructive. Maybe doing nothing is better than doing shit, but doing something good is better than doing nothing.

What would be perfectly fine would be to promote your own good ideas. Obstructing is an easy, lazy tactic. It’ll garner votes but doesn’t solve any problems.

…not that the US government is known for moving quickly, anyway.

The government doing too much is a problem, and being obstructionist solves that problem. Stopping something bad is doing something good.

If the government is doing too much, to the point where they are getting shit done while some people do nothing at all, then the obstructionists should argue for a politicians’ workforce reduction.

Hey, I don’t know what YOU are, I speak from my own experience of MANY who’ve switched parties in the last 2-3 years from Republican to Independent and who, for all intents and purposes, are still Republicans by any other name.

So, what other, if any, parties/candidates do you vote for? I’m just curious. I GET that someone can be a right-leaning Independent (as I am a left-leaning Independent) and sometimes or even often vote for one of the major party candidates because they are either the best candidate in their opinion and/or the most viable option to most closely represent them/defeat someone who doesn’t represent them.

Yeah, I’m such a “masquerading Democrat” that I’ve voted for Nader THREE TIMES. That I give up the right to vote in my state’s primaries just to “pose” as an Independent. :rolleyes: (I gotta say, I was sooo glad Hilary Clinton didn’t win the primaries, 'cause I would have had a hard time voting for her in the general, based on her voting record in the Senate.)

As I said, when I feel my vote might make the difference between a right-wing Republican getting elected and a more progressive Democrat doing so, I will vote Democrat AS LONG AS said Democrat is not someone I can’t stomach (as I did for Kerry, because even in Texas, where I was at the time, it was VERY close and I felt VERY strongly about preventing another 4 years of Bush if at all possible…and as I did for Obama, even though I knew he didn’t need my vote to win, popularly or electorally. He was simply my candidate of choice that election.)

Believe me, I pretty disgusted with the Democratic party as a whole most of the time and choose to exercise my discretion in associating myself or my vote with them.

That’s not something I see coming from those I refer to above (the Republicans in Independents’ clothing, a lot of them Tea Party folks); I see no disgust or criticism of the Republican party or establishment, only anger and disgust for Democrats and “liberals” and support for a straight Republican ticket. :dubious:

Like I said, that may not be YOU. But it IS a lot I DO know.

Missed the edit window, but wanted to add, I can honestly say I have NEVER voted for a Republican and, unless the party completely alters its platform and ideology, NEVER WILL.

Does that mean I am not an “Independent”? Of course not. It means I am a LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE and the Republican platform and agenda and policies are the polar opposite of everything I believe in.

Have YOU ever voted for a Socialist candidate? A Green? A Progressive party? A Democrat, for that matter? (maybe you have, but if you are voting Republican at the same time, I suggest you might be a bit confused about where you lie on the political spectrum).

Assuming you haven’t, and have instead opted at times to vote Libertarian or Constitutional or some other right-leaning party/candidate, that doesn’t make YOU not a “real Independent”. It just makes you a right-leaning, conservative Independent.

My comments re’ “fake Independents” had to do with people I KNOW and know OF who drove around with Bush stickers for 7 or 8 years and have never voted anything but Republican and who suddenly decided they were “Independents” but they still vote a straight Republican ticket. That’s bullshit. But like I said, that’s probably not you. :slight_smile: