India 18/3!!!!

This is one for all the cricketing dopers.

New Zealand now have India at 18 for 3 on the final day of the second test, still 188 runs behind New zealand’s mammoth first innings score of 630.

Tendulkar’s just played on against Tuffey and New Zealand now have a great chance of winning their first ever test series in India.

Am glued ot the cricinfo live coverage as I type…

Well, that’s one heck of a milestone if they make it! All the best to the team, kiwiboy.

Not a cricketing fan, but I hope the Indian team manages to hold on to their wickets. Losing a series at home is just not cricket!!

And of course my posting this has led to India comfortably proceeding to 65/3. Damn commentators curse…

Woohoo, go India!

Yeah… nothing like a draw :rolleyes:

And a draw it is, as India close on 130/4.

Surely after NZ’s 630 there’s going to be yet another inquest into the state of bowling in India by the press. Or the doped-up wickets, or the position of the sun in the sky, or…