India on pace to be worst-hit Covid nation by end of 2021

I was not trying to paint a picture, rosy or otherwise. I was only sharing what I know to be true from first-hand experience. In a country the size of India, you can pretty much find every type of vice and evil you can imagine, if you go looking for it. You could, for example, go out looking for FGM, and then write an article on how the bad, bad Hindus still practice mutilating their women. Or Sati, necrophilia, drug abuse, you name it.

The point is these do not scale to the level of the nation. No one in their right minds still practice institutional untouchability. Do some people still do it? Sure.

I would strongly caution you against getting your India (or Asia) “news” from the likes of the CNN, NYT, WaPo. From lengthy experience, I find their coverage of India slanted, biased, unreliable and unrepresentative of the ethos of the nation I have lived in for decades. They have Left-wing agendas, that is for certain. Their coverage choices are informed by that. Take your article as an example: it takes the “caste system” and makes it sound like the nation of a billion people revel in inflicting such injustice upon their own. This is slander, pure and simple.

I call this type of coverage poverty porn. Pay something to dirt-poor people, get their names and photos, and basically write whatever you want. 'Tis the reason the Chinese block many Western news agencies: while the Chinese are authoritarian, Western news agencies are not exactly paragons of honest journalism either.

A vignette from my personal life: every Hindu family has a kuldevata temple - ancestral temple of unique significance to a small group of families. Mine is in remote Southern India. This temple is managed and maintained entirely by those who you would call the “lower castes” or even “untouchables,” including managing the temple’s finances. I have eaten in their homes. Their warmth and love is gratifying, and so is their service of the temple that would otherwise crumble away. This is the essence of India, that your friendly Leftist CNN will never tell you about.

In 8 months? Heck, with over 300,000 new cases a day, I’d think they would achieve that dubious distinction by the end of this month, not this year. :flushed:

Speaking as a Hindu, this is not true.

And speaking as someone with a huge family in India and as someone who has been in “Western journalism” for decades, I don’t find this post more trustworthy than “leftist Western” news sources.

Casteism is a huge problem, although perhaps too complex a problem to fully understand from the occasional news story, and in fact the problem is probably worse in Southern India than it is in other regions. Indeed, South Indians in the I.T. industry have exported casteism to the United States.

And this story smacks of the old “our blacks are happy” story that Southerners used to tell here not too long ago.

And using the Chinese example as one of honest dealing with the press is … interesting, given we know that the Chinese government is one of the world’s most oppressive and dishonest. Of course, the B.J.P. seeks to emulate its tactics.

The reason china blocks ALL news agencies, Western or otherwise, from publishing what they don’t want published is because they control it by force.

This thread may also be of interest: Tell me about India's caste system.

That’s how, not why.

The “why” is to control anything they deem negative regardless of the truth.

It’s amazing how thoroughly Modi and the B.J.P. have adopted Trumpism, right down to denouncing the credibility of “leftist” news organizations while lying left and right and stoking sectarian hatred to maintain political power. Of course, Trump, unlike Modi, isn’t a literal genocidaire. Including following the Trump plan of declaring victory over the pandemic and lifting precautions.

Lose in an election, send in the thugs …

Of course, election-related violence is not unknown in India.

The BJP is at the receiving end of the violence in Bengal, as it usually is. Bengal is extremely notorious for election violence. The ruling TMC in Bengal is one of the most fearsomely violent political organizations in India. Ditto the Kerala communists. Countless innocent lives have been lost to these thugs.

Innocent BJP worker Avijit Sarkar was slaughtered Taliban style by your friendly Bengal goons less than 24 hours ago. He live-streamed the slaughter of his dogs minutes before he was similarly slaughtered.

The trigger for the latest election violence is that the Great Whore of Bengal who just won the election was defeated in her own constituency by a little-known BJP candidate.

“Decades in Western journalism” has taped your eyes wide shut.


A slight ray of hope: confirmed cases go down slightluy in worst-hit Delhi and Maharashtra. Too early to say if these gains will be sustained, but I have heard experts say the 2nd wave in India will peak between May 4-8.

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In the meantime, since the BJP’s farts smell like unicorns…

Perhaps the BJP has some insight into dealing with the coronavirus:

An actual governmental press release (hey, it was early on, so why not throw shit at the wall):

Advisory for Corona virus

Homoeopathy for Prevention of Corona virus Infections

Unani Medicines useful in symptomatic management of Corona Virus infection

I don’t think “Western journalism” is the problem here.

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In his/her defense, I kinda started it with a flippant remark. I wasn’t intending it to be overtly political, just more or less making a quick-take observation about how laxness led to a human disaster but I can see how it might have been perceived as a political snipe.

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Some definite supply-chain problems:

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