Indiana Bones RIP

Indy, our guarder of the home, stealer of unguarded sandwiches, scarer of mailmen, chaser of cats, our pet, our friend, and one of the family had to go to the vet for the last time this morning.
Please forgive me if I ramble here.
Five months ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He was given two weeks, maybe a month to live.
We knew he has been on borrowed time, but for several months he has been doing real well.
About two weeks ago the started to slip. He started getting nose bleeds again, so the doctor put him on steroids and vitamin K. They helped, but then the nose bleeds started again. Just one or two a day. Our vet was out of ideas, so it was a live with it and enjoy the time you have left situation.
Last night Indy came into our room twice to lay down. We could tell he was struggling and panting. The first time, I got up with him and got him a treat. He laid back down on his sofa, and went back to sleep. Then he got up and came in again. He as panting and sneezing and lapping blood from his nose. Finally he went back to sleep.
This morning I cooked him a scrambled egg with a hot dog cut up in it for his breakfast. He didn’t seem to want to eat, but finally started. In the middle of breakfast, he started sneezing fresh pink blood, and it was obvious it was time.
On the way to the exam room, we bumped into our vet in the hallway. He looked at us and could see it was time in our eyes. I could see the pain in his. There is no doubt it was the right thing to do, but that does not make it easy.

I know it is selfish of me, but I want my dog back. I know I will miss the tail thumps when I came home, and him making over me when I get back from a trip. He would want to be so close to me, he would almost wind himself in a circle so he could get both his head and back end rubbed at the same time. I will miss his floppy ear, and their softness. I’m even going to miss him trying to wedge himself under my desk when a thunderstorm strikes, and having to wipe his paws off when he would go out in the rain.
Most of all I will miss all of those little personality quirks that made Indy, Indy.
He was only here for about 13 years, but he will be in my heart forever. I sure hope that the rainbow bridge does exist, I want to see him again.

I’m going to close with the same request I made in the other thread 5 months ago. Would you you give your pets a little extra attention today and tell them it’s from me and for Indy?


Condolences, Rick. :frowning:


I’m crying after reading that.

I’m so sorry for your loss, Rick.

I’m so sorry. I don’t have any critters I can pet right now, but seeing as I work at a grooming shop, you can rest assured that a pile o’ doggies will get some extra love from me on Monday.

I’m sorry for your loss, Rick. You have my condolences.
I will give all my pets that extra attention tonight, and I’ll be sure they know that it’s from Indy.

Rick, I’m glad you got an extra three, four more months than you’d expected with Indy.

Internet Hugs


The fuzzbutts are getting extra scritches in Indy’s memory. I hope your memories can help ease your pain.

I will head-kiss my kitty for you guys.

I’m so sorry. :frowning:
My furballs will get extra snuggles tonight.

They enter our lives, & fill our lives.
When they go…

I’ll give my cats extra treats tonight, in Indy’s memory. He was lucky to have an owner like you.

Every pet comes with a coupon redeemable for one broken heart.

So sorry for your loss. So happy for what you had.

Infinite universes and all that, whole infinity of creation and only one Indiana Bones. Only one ever. And he chose to spend his alotted time with you :slight_smile:


Off to bed gonna hug my rescue cat Yorkie extra long tonight.

I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

One of my dogs does the bend in half thing so you can scratch his head and butt at the same time which usually turns into an all over petting/scratching then belly rubs. He will be getting extras tonight.

The bedhog dog will get lots of huggles before I make her shove over to the middle of the bed instead of mom’s pillow which she swears is hers and she then snuggles up behind my knees for the sleeping part of the night. (you wouldn’t imagine what bed hog jack russells are for little dogs!)

Her royal highness princess Roxi poofypants kitten who hates huggles and snuggles (unless initiated by her of course) is just going to have to deal with hugs and snuggles tonight.

My heart breaks for you so sending hugs your was also.


Me and my furballs send out our condolences.

I’m sorry for your loss, Rick. No pets of my own, but my dog friends Roxie and Diddle Dog have received extra ear scratches and belly rubs in Indy’s honor this evening.

Thanks guys, I have read your responses about five times, and while my eyes are kind of blurry right now, what you have written does help.
Thanks again for your help.

I am sorry for your loss. The loss of a beloved pet is a deep sadness.

Sending supporting thoughts your way.