Indiana, I'm so proud of you!

You went blue! I’m so very happy!

As I am a born and raised Hoosier girl, this has me absolutely tickled pink, or blue if you wish :smiley: Well done! Now, get out and vote!

gives all Hoosiers big hugs!

Edited to say: more exclamation points!!!

I’d wait until after the election before you get too worked up about this… just in case. At least it means that, in a worst case scenario, it should be close.

Oh, I expect it’ll turn red on November 4th, but what a sight to see :slight_smile: even if it’s only blue for one day, I’m still proud and happy.

I’m right there with you. Pretty darn excited about this. I am going to say it is because I have moved back home again in Indiana!

My husband and I actually let out a “woo HOO!” and clapped when we heard that our state had turned blue (if even for a short while).

<Doctor Jones, Sr.>We named the dog Indiana.<Doctor Jones, Sr.>

Maybe, Lord, I can go back there.

Let’s not count our votes before they are cast. I am pleased that the state that I was born in is blue right now, but the election is not over yet. This will be close and it could still swing back. It is amazing the contrast between Illinois and Indiana. KellyM has related some of the legal background and I have looked into the history. Scary stuff! It is good to see this shift.

Screw that. I’m working my ass off to ensure it goes and stays blue.

I share your happiness - and the shock. I’m a Canadian, but my grandparents lived in Indianapolis when I was young. I spent every summer there for six years and remember it fondly. LOUNE - I spent four summers in Detroit, but I was younger and don’t remember those as well. :smiley:

The state (as seen on 538) whipped to the palest blue and back about a week ago, too, IIRC-- was the color of Boo-berry-soaked milk for one day, then deepest maroon the next. Don’t get smug, yet, guys. Work to be done.

I have been calling my family and urging them to vote Obama, and my dad (who has never ever voted anything but Republican or third party) is going to vote for him now! He says mom might choke him, but I am willing to take the risk :slight_smile:

I have checked 538 again and it’s still showing blue!

So this isn’t about Harrison Ford, then?

A week ago was different. Now Obama has distinct leads outside the margin of error in multiple polls.

The good news is that this will force JM to spend more money and campaign assets in Indiana. Leaving less for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida.

Go blue team.