indiana jones + lost arc subliminal drink

Sounds insane but while watching indiana jones and the lost arc on vhs tape I saw something strange.

Being a curious lad I went frame by frame thru the part where the SS natzi guy got his face melted near the end when he looks into the arc.

one of the frames was a bottle of pepsi!

if anyone else has a vhs copy of the movie could you look and see if it is on your copy too.

The copy was my aunts and she doesn’t have it anymore.

everyone I’ve told this to thinks I’m nuts.


Hmmm…this is probably a comment on Does subliminal advertising work?, but it might be on Are subliminal messages secretly embedded in advertisements?. Probably not on one of the other columns discussing subliminal advertising.

I don’t know the answer, but maybe you could rent a copy of the video and check it. I’d check it for you if I owned the video.

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First of all, **

Not arc.

Second, which Nazi guy? Toht (with glasses and scar on hand) or Dietrich (tall German officer)?

Third, if you’re willing to wait 6 weeks, there’ll probably be a ton of Dopers who get the IJ trilogy on DVD; it’ll be easier to check frame by frame then.

Fourth, welcome.


I’d be willing to bet the bottle isn’t in the DVD
as for renting it’d have to be an old copy not a re release
and it was the toad like one that scared them with the folding hanger and had the scar on the palm of his hand.


That must have been an interesting conversation at Pepsi.

Marketing Guy: I have an idea!

His Boss: Let’s hear it, Bob.

Marketing Guy: Let’s stick a subliminal image of a Pepsi bottle in Raiders of the Lost Ark, so that people associate Pepsi with face melting!

His Boss: You’re fired, Bob.

You folks do know that the face melting scene is a time lapse shot, so it’s entire possible that someone accidentally left their drink next to one of the heads for a second, right?

Well, I own the tape, and I just went through the scene frame by frame, and I didn’t see a Pepsi bottle at any point.

Wasn’t The Last Crusade used to advertise Diet Coke? I seem to remember a commercial where Indy got to the last Knight and he was there with Diet Coke.

If so, I seriously doubt there would be a shot of Pepsi in the movie.

Man, I just drank a Pepsi and my face melted! Thanks a lot!

Will somebody let the damned dog out?!

Maybe Coke paid to have that put there. :smiley:

  • Were you recording the movie from a TV channel and perhaps someone accidentally hit the TV/VCR button for a split second while recording?

  • Was the movie recorded over something else and perhaps a ghosted image from what was previously on the tape showed through the 2nd generation recording?

  • Does your Aunt invite you over to watch movies in a locking room with a large mirror on one wall, then excuse herself for the duration of the movie? :smiley:

Wouldn’t make a difference. The TV/VCR button only controls what signal gets sent out from the VCR to the TV, not what signal gets recorded on the tape.

But. . . You mean that. . but the ark didn’t . . . the guy. . . :frowning:

Not on my system - where you have to go through a cable box to get movie channels. Because of the cable box my VCR tape records volume levels, the UI from raising and lowering the TV volume, etc etc.

To assume that to be true would be faulty. Those movies were released 8 years apart, and while I’m not sure whether or not Coke was involved with Raiders, it is possible that promotions changed in that time. Another LFL movie series - Star Wars - originally promoted Burger King, but Return of the Jedi promoted McDonalds, and the 20th anniversary re-releases promoted Taco Bell.

I have like three copies of this film on VHS, I will go home and look tonight if I remember. Oh and the movie comes out Oct 21, which is only three weeks and not six.

Eddie, who owns one of the few original Temple of Doom arcade games.

“Kali Ma will rule the wooooorld!”

The movie is called Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is neither called Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark, nor is it called Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I hate revisionist movie titles.

Anybody hear that a change was made so the guy with the sword shoots first?