Indicted Colorado GOP Secretary of State candidate finishes a distant third in primary; guess what she does?

You guessed it: She refuses to concede. This is the normal order of business with Trumpists.

Not only did she refuse, she also spouted she has evidence the election was stolen from her. :rofl:

Should we start giving out participation trophies for Trumpists like we do for little kids?

The more these shitheads cry ‘wolf’, the less people will listen to them. Eventually it will only elicit a yawn. Or so I hope.

Sadly, the more they do it the more people will be convinced that any candidate they favor who gets defeated is the victim of a conspiracy, not an old-fashioned loser.

Maybe little Confederate flags, the ultimate conservative participation trophy.

She was beaten by the 31 votes that went to Franken.

Yes. They win a stylish orange jumpsuit and free lodging for three to five years.

I’m not so sure. I think the more they do this when it’s clear they lost the more people will think it’s bullshit

If they believe the Presidential election was “stolen”, then other elections where Trumpists lose are proof.

Here in Colorado Springs, the “lunatic fringe” candidate for county clerk and recorder (who got 34% of the vote), also refuses to concede. He claims that it’s evidence of fraud that all the local anti-establishment candidates lost by similar percentages.

One thing is for sure. If the tactic actually works we’ll see a lot more of it. Only if it conclusively fails, and better yet if it results in jail time, will we see it stop being tried.

A BIG problem for all of us is what’s probably happening now. It utterly fails in the real world, and utterly succeeds in the RW propaganda-o-sphere. no democracy can withstand having two disjoint realities. Which is why the Russians and Chinese, and their henchmen in the R party and R media-sphere, are trying so hard to create those two disjoint realities.

Reporters are noticing a pattern with Trumpists about this.

I think republicans may continue to make these claims if only to dilute such claims from the left in the future.

That’s just for starters. If liberals claim the election was stolen conservatives will just say liberals said election stealing was a lie and so it is now.

Of course they will. It’s right there in the kindergarten behavior play book.

The sad thing is how well it works on adults with kindergarten-level maturities.

Absolutely. You can also see it as part of constructing their own reality. The narrative that the Democrats are cheating is a rationalization to justify their own cheating. Just as the narrative that White Christian are persecuted is a rationalization for their own efforts to set up a White supremacist theocracy.

Here in Georgia, Kandiss Taylor received 3.4% of the vote in the Republican gubernatorial primary. She has yet to concede. All you really need to know about her is her slogan “Jesus. Guns. Babies.”

Eats shoots and doesn’t leave?

HA! Exactly.

Yeah; I mentioned this when it happened.