Indoor Burgers

I normally make my burgers on the grill, but the other night I got hungry around 10pm and quickly put a patty of freshly ground round on a hot skillet with a little butter. And I did the unthinkable… I smashed it down with a spatula. I then buttered the buns and put them in the skillet with the drippings from the burger. Flipped the burgers once and (gasp) smashed them again. Finally I added a slice of cheese and the only condiment I added was ketchup. Both the burger and the buns were crispy around the edges.

My wife has always hated any burger I make indoors, but this time she tried a bite… and it turned into six or so bites. The next day she asked me if I could make the same “Crispy Edged” burgers.

Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics.

I put the ball of meat between two pieces of wax paper and smash it with a heavy skillet, then fry it up (which only takes about two minutes on a side). It’s the best way to make them, IMO.

I actually prefer griddled burgers to grilled ones the majority of the time. Smashing them on a griddle is a fine technique for flattop burgers. Not so much for grilled ones. (Heck, you’ve heard of the burger chain Smashburger, right? If not, well, that’s what they do.) I do it either like that or as Chefguy describes (usually, the latter way, as I can get a nice thin patty, which is what I like for this style of burger.)

I like “smashed”/griddled burgers too, and often make them in cast iron skillet outside on the gas grill to prevent the smoke and mess of grease splattering etc. in the kitchen.

I use a heavy saucepan to squash the quarter-pound ball-o-meat. Squashing is more controllable than whacking. Though I occasionally whack my quarter-pounder just to be different.

Put in the cast-iron frying pan, season with salt and pepper, flip once, add a slice of American cheese.

I throw 'em down on wax paper from about two feet, then do the same to the other side. Flattens out the burger pretty well. Cooking method is about the same. but includes onion, either slice of red or sauteed yellow

I for one do not like indoor burgers. The burger just lacks something without that outdoor smell and essence.

Yesterday saw my first batch of barbecued burgers of the year. Yum. I like indoor burgers, too, but much prefer barbecued. The only thing better is a campfire burger.

I’ve used a Presto hamburger cooker since my college dorm room days. I still use it when I just want to cook a couple burgers.

I grill burgers too but only if theres enough people. I’m not getting my grill dirty for just two burgers.

If they are made right (heh) they are outstanding. Many diners have the routine down to a science. The trick is to have a juicy burger, usually made with ground chuck and onions. It’s not the smoky outdoor grill flavor, but too often those can be overcooked and dry hockey pucks if the grill chief isn’t paying attention.

There’s a world of difference between a charcoal grill with good quality charcoal and what I used to do, which was fire up ol’ propane Elaine and apply heat. Once I realized that, I stopped using the grill and started using a skillet. I was much happier. But now I’m a vegetarian so I’m sad but smug.

I too prefer my burgers to be made indoors. Get the cheapest, fattiest ground beef they have. Make the patties paper thin between sheets of wax paper (I just press them, nothing fancy), and fry them on the griddle. Crisp the buns in the fat, add cheese as desired.