Indy Colts owner Irsay arrested on DUI and drug possession

A huge story in my opinion. First of all, it’s quite rare for a billionaire to be arrested for these types of charges. Obviously, he’s got the money for the absolute best legal defense money can buy. Plus, even if he wasn’t the owner of an NFL franchise, I’d imagine any billionaire’s social circle will include lawmakers at both the state and federal levels as well as judges.

Second, what does the NFL do about this? The commissioner works for the owners. I’m going to assume that the NFL can really only take action if the majority of the owners agree on this and I’m not sure they would.

Is this a huge black eye for the NFL? Player DUIs have been a huge offseason issue for the NFL, and over the past couple of years they’ve extended to the front office and now at the ownership level.

I greatly dislike Jim Irsay, and am more than happy to celebrate his idiocy and bad behavior, but I don’t really see this as a huge deal. Hell, the NFL can survive convicted murders on their teams and not blink an eye, I don’t think a rich prick getting tabbed for DUI and prescription drug possession is going to matter much. They’ll likely be some kind of minor punishment from the NFL, like requiring rehab (which I’m sure he’ll enter anyways), but I just don’t see it mattering all that much.

It has no bearing on the current case, but Jim’s father Bob was notorious in Baltimore for giving drunken statements to reporters at the airport when he was returning from away games. As a Baltimore Colts fan from my birth until the elder Irsay absconded with them in 1984, I feel a bit of schadenfreude when I read of an Irsay in trouble.

The DUI is bad and there is no way to spin that for a guy who has said he hasn’t drank in 15 years.

The pills not having associated prescription bottles in the car is a little harder to call. Does that charge make these things drug paraphernalia?

It should be interesting. If Irsay isn’t punished the players will probably be annoyed: I don’t think his conduct is covered by their CBA the same way the conduct of the players is, but it’ll look like something of a double standard because this isn’t good for the image of the league. Jimmy Haslam is worse, but I guess the league can’t do anything about that right now. I can imagine Irsay will pay a fine to the NFL. If he has an addiction problem, I hope he gets help.


I don’t see it as much of an issue. The NFL case (a little ) about player conduct. Owners are much less of a concern. Most fans probably don’t even know who owns most teams

oh just pills

not surprising for an old white billionaire

It won’t be much of an issue.

Seems like very few people remember the two Denver execs who were suspended without pay for their DUIs last summer. The league thought the actions taken by the team were sufficient.

Obviously, in this case, the team can’t do the same to Irsay, so it may have to step in, but I can’t see them doing much beyond a fine and/or a request for some community outreach.

Rae Carruth was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. Dwayne Goodrich ran over two people in his car and ran away. Leonard Little killed a woman while DUI. Donte Stallworth killed a pedestrian while DUI. And Aaron Hernandez is currently awaiting trial for murdering Odin Lloyd.

Although I do think my original post was unclear. I am unaware of any NFL player who has played in the league after having been convicted of murder.

Aaron Hernandez got cut as soon as he was arrested for murder so it’s not like they welcomed a known murderer onto the team

I’m stunned that a billionaire would be driving himself anywhere,especially intoxicated. The arrest is big news here in Indiana and it will likely remain so until the case is resolved. Personally I’m neither a Colts nor an Irsay fan,so I couldn’t care less.

It seems like another case of hubris meets stupidity in NFL to me.

Your original post wasn’t unclear, it was wrong.

Irsay has checked into “a health care facility,” which I presume is code for rehab. And as an owner he actually is subject to the NFL’s conduct policy. I think that means we can expect a nominal punishment.

Perhaps he’s suffering from “exhaustion.”