Infant genetal mutilation is a blood sacrifice to the demon Yahwe.

Infant boys’ genitals are mutilated to appease the desert demon yahwe. The modern medical establishment is an affront to the true gods and using it is against my religion. This practice was carried out on me as an infant by a demon possessed medical establishment and society. Worshipers of the demon of Abraham be aware that your soul has been possessed.

Jesus didn’t exist. Christianity was a creation of the Imperial Roman government and designed to enslave its captives.

Obamacare is enslaving me to participate in blood sacrifice to yahwe, a fiery, murderous, blood demon from a desert cult.

I want out.

Ooooooooooooookay then.


well just because I like to watch dumpster fires might I inquire as to what "true"gods you speak of?

and granted all religion began at as a cult at some point but your point is basically you want the right to die with out anyone saving your life ?

well I guess everyone you could die on the street voluntarily but mankind isn’t really set up that way and wasn’t even before religion said you couldn’t ………

There is no medical reason for infant genital mutilation. The only reason it is practiced is because of the adherence to Abrahmaic demon worship.

Defend it on medical grounds. You can’t.

The title of the thread is probably accurate, in its origination. But that said, I feel like your revelation on this is probably more down to psychosis than archaeological knowledge. I’d suggest you talk to someone in the medical community.

Female genital mutilation was outlawed federally in the US the law discriminates against infant boys. I hope once some of the children who are hurt by this grow up and sue the ever living fuck out of the AMA and the butchers who perform this sacrifice to yahwe.

The lawsuits potentially could cripple the entire medical establishment.

The practice is altogether evil.

If you are talking about ritual circumcision of infants, it has been recognized for some time now that this type of non-medical procedure violates basic principles of informed consent and there are efforts to ban it.

There is an argument that this unduly impacts religious freedom, esp. of Muslims and Jews, which makes the whole thing a controversial issue.

Guys, this is the very definition of witnessing. Hence it belongs here in Great Debates.

Good luck.

Yeah, I’m the crazy one.

You don’t see me butchering infant children for no reason.

Whether the entity or concept of yahwe is real or a product of collective consciousness you can’t deny the cultural impact the spread of Abrahmic worship which is the only reason its practiced in this country.

While not absolutely necessary by any means, male circumcision results in


from here:

I agree with you that human society is, on average, crazy. If you were completely normal, you would still be crazy.

But that’s like saying that because OJ murdered a woman and got away with it that murder is all alright. That’s not how it works.

However crazy the rest of the world, the Christians, the Jews, or whoever else might be, that doesn’t absolve you. If you’re flipping out, you need to see someone.

Infant genital mutilation is against my religion. All I want is to be a non-participant until such practices are outlawed.

If your finger nails get dirty its easier to cut off the end of your fingers. Oh your ear might get an infection, better cut them off.

When the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes this advice we can take it seriously as opposed to a gross overgeneralization.

hes never told us which gods he believes in tho ,

What state or other government entity is currently forcing you to be a participant?

I was wondering about the level of participation that is being forced. Did Obamacare secretly create some sort of corollary to Jury Duty where people have to show up and start clipping dicks?

Doing it for religious reasons on children who can give no consent is unjustifiable. If they want it done for religious reasons they can get it done as adults.
The only reason to do it to a baby is because the religious want their branding done quick and irreversibly. Do it while they can’t struggle too much.

I’ve used this example before but if I created a religion which demanded that I snip the outer ears off my females children you’d think (quite rightly) that I’m a monster.
“Ahhhh!” says I, “I can point to a clear medical benefit in that it will reduce the level of skin cancer lesions! in an area prone to it”

I suspect no-one would be impressed by my arguments.

Snake handling, huh?

Geepers, I accepted being circumcised decades ago. The Wife doesn’t seem to mind, and we are the only ones who have a valid opinion about my penis.

We had daughters rather than sons, but I doubt we would have had the procedure done if we had sired male heirs.