Infectous Yawning

Why do people yawn when they see someone else yawn? I’ve practically injured myself at times fighting the urge, but I always succumb.

Yer pal,

Here’s a good car game. When driving alongside cars on the interstate fake a yawn. See how many people you can get to yawn before your exit. This is great to keep those kids entertained. Yawns are infectious from car to car, this does work!

This whole thread made me yawn. Far out!

Just reading the title made me yawn.

I thought about reading the title and yawned.

I used to fake yawns in high school study hall to find out who was looking at me. It works. I picked up a few girlfriends with that trick. Note: You have to catch them yawning several times before you can be sure that they’ve really “got their eye on you”.

One other observation: I can also make babies, dogs, and cats yawn spontaneously by exposing them to fake yawns…