Infinite Highway 1862.3

We are building the **Infinite Highway 1862.3 **(Tm )Since it is a huge project, we’ve gotten all of the Home Depots on the planet to agree to donate materials and support personnel to help us complete this most noble of projects.

Every Doper who works on the Infinite Highway 1862.3(Tm) earns the right to have their own Entrance Ramp. Their Entrance Ramp may be decorated as they see fit. This will allow enjoyable access and egress to and from the Infinite Highway 1862.3(Tm).

Please notify the Management of the jobs you are chosing to perform, and describe in full detail the appearance your Entrance Ramp will have, leading onto the Infinite Highway 1862.3(Tm).

<=================Infinite Highway 1862.3Tm==================>.

A Dexter Fullbright Expansion Project.

Project Manager: Cartooniverse

Executive Assistant to Project Manager:AbbySthrnAccent

Project Engineers: FairyChatMom and Geobabe

Legal Firm: Dewey Cheatum and How :stuck_out_tongue:

Supply and Procurement Manager: Chief Scott

Catering: ** Fenris and Javamaven**

Note: ALL trolls must be locked securely under bridges at all times.

Troll Patrol Officer: TubaDiva.

Human Resources, Attitude Adjustment Office: CrankyAsAnOldMan

** Just a few of the jobs still available**:

Labor Relations, Buff Body Construction Workers Search Committee


Please sign in, and make your Entrance Ramp details available ot the Teeming Masses.

That is all.


My humble entrance will be adorned with 77 varieties of Texas wildflowers.

Just two quick questions please.

  1. Does the Executive Assistant to Project Manager get her own office?
  2. When do I get a raise? :smiley:

Ok just one more question:

  1. And may I have a home office?
  1. Yes, of course she does.
  2. Raises are merit-based. :stuck_out_tongue:

[pep yell]
I’ve got merit, yes I do.
I’ve got merit, how about you?
[/pep yell]

Buff Body Construction Workers Search Committee

This sounds like the job for me!

I propose that my entrance ramp (or is it just the committee’s entrance ramp?) be masculine, yet feminine, eye capturing, yet so glorious you can barely stand to look directly at it, arranged, and yet giving the impression of randomness.

No, I don’t know what it will look like yet.

Each Doper will get to design hers/his own Entrance Ramp, as a part of the participatory process.

That is all.

So, lessee, in addition to being a project engineer, I hafta design my own ramp, huh? This project engineer gig better have good benefits, since I’m worth it. That would include a hot tub, hot and cold running masseurs, a big freezer full of ice cream, and a team of well-oiled, scantily-clad young assistants to, um, assist me. That’s in my standard Project Engineering Contract, 'Toons, dear. Just so we understand that up front.

My ramp will have plenty of space to accelerate up to speed, an automatic seat-belt fastener, because safety is of the utmost importance, flowers year-round, and a special device to vaporize any and all morons who stop on the ramp for no reason!!! And should you have the misfortune to have a flat tire on my ramp, my courteous team of well-oiled, scantily-clad young assistants will be there instantly to change your tire.

Oh, yeah, change my tire, you sweet thing you…

uh, what was the question?

Mine is going to have spike strips. That is all. Return to your daily lives.

Given my current state, I think Labor Relations is most appropriate. :smiley:

And my offramp will feature Texas wildflowers, just like Abby’s. Only mine will be 77 different varieties.


Accelleration technology had better step up in the next few years, because I’m planning on putting at least one each of loops, jumps, and off-roading sections in my ramp. And if you’re lucky, they won’t all be at the same place. Perhaps I’ll take it into my own hands and build a magnetic rail launcher for the slower cars out there.