Influencing others

Over in the zombie neighbors thread I commented on how I apparently triggered someone into thinking their apartment was haunted by telling them that previously the building had been a funeral home.

I wonder how many of the hauntings around are triggered like that? If you stop to think, any home that is older than probably 1925 [to pick a reasonable age] has a high chance of someone dying there - hospitalization for a lot of conditions is fairly recent, and many people rarely went to hospital for a lot of things we do now [child birth, severe illness and so forth] because you could get doctors to make house calls, and hire nurses to sit at home, or make home visits. And may people went home to die, or were never put into nursing homes, they just moved in with family members who took care of them. If every place where someone died was really haunted, there would be a LOT of homes with crap happening, but oddly enough it seems to take someone pointing out that someone died there to get strange things to start happening[or being noticed]

And the other thing that bothers me. There are 2 schools of thought, the viewpoint of Ed and Lorraine Warren - everything unnatural is somehow demonic, and the other being that ghosts happen, and not everything is demonic. The everything unknown is demonic just bothers me. Sometimes a bump in the night is just my cat wandering around knocking stuff off shelves [or maybe some undead person come over for a visit]

I think ghosts are mostly psychological.

I’ve polled thousands of people about this, and 99.9% who have had supernatural visions have had them occur:

  1. at night
  2. while they were sleeping
  3. in their bedroom

I know of maybe 2 people (one on these boards, actually) that have had supernatural visions outside of the bedroom, during the day, and while they weren’t sleeping.