Haunted Houses?

Regarding the oft-disputed phenomenon of ghosts: why is it that a ghost wouldprefer to hang around a certain pieceof property? The claim has been made that there are certain houses that are “haunted”. Suppose you are a ghost-what would make you stick around an old house. As a ghost , you are not subject to material laws-you can pass through walls,move at will, etc., so why stick around in an old, decaying house. Why aren’t hauntings seen in new houses?
Finally, suppose your house is haunted-how doyou get ridof a ghost? Will a well-carried out exorcism do the trick?

Might do. A healthy dose of scepticism works quicker though. They hate that.

Ghosts are generally sighted around old houses because of the combo of a history and unstable foundations. People are unlikely to spot a ghost in a new house because they do not generally think that a new house could be haunted. Old houses are also more likely to have structures that shift in odd ways, creaking and popping when a flighty owner is uncomfortable and ready to hallucinate.

The best way to remove a ghost, in my opinion, is a well-carried out lobotomy but anything that makes the haunted feel like the problem is solved will work. If you were able to convince those who spotted the ghost that a liberal spread of flower around the house would solve the problem once and for all, they would find it completely effective.

I’d haunt the Playboy mansion if I was a ghost

The theory, as I understand it, goes like this: ghosts haunt places they have/had an intense psychological or physical attachment to, places where important things happened to them. Places they lived in and loved for a long time, and places where they died, specifically. They stay there because, well, those are the places that are important to them and they have no reason to go anywhere else.

If you believe in that, it stands to reason that the newer a house is, the less statistically likely it is that someone has died in that house, or lived in it long enough to form an intense spiritual connection to it. It’s just the law of averages that an old house is more likely to be allegedly haunted.

As for getting rid of ghosts, many believers don’t really see the need, as they don’t feel their alleged visitors are harmful. If it’s not hurting anything, why worry about getting rid of it? I think exorcisms are often employed when someone feels they have a malevolent spirit in their home, though.

i heard a theory somewhere that said something about how meverything consists of matter and energy, and somehow when there is an emotional event, the matter and energy get frozen. i think this has something to do with the theory that everything is happening at the same time. i think it’s some kind of quantum crap.

Ghost in a new house?

BTW, what the heck is a “government-certified haunted house”?

The Whaley House is an example:

ha! i was just reading this thread (the new posts), and the song “All That’s Left” by Thrice starts playing on the radio.

*starts singing “… a ghost is all that’s left of everything we swore we never would forget… we are the dead…”