Info on grant proposals please?

My wife is currently working with another person on some projects and they are considering proposals for grants, but don’t really have any experience writing such things.

Could someone give us a hand? Just give some basic thoughts on where to start, how to proceed and/or some resources I can have them look into for making a quality, professional proposel.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll need some more specifics before I start telling you how to write a winner grant. Having written many, many grants over my lifetime for non-profits and for myself and friends, I can be of as much help as you need. First and foremost, is your wife writing for a certified 501-c3 not for profit ? (this is a tax bracket, needed for federal, state funds) If so I can help with guidelines and request for funds. If this is a small business grant, I’ll take you into a different realm, and we’ll look at a more foundation based proposal.

Ah, see, those are questions I’m not certain they know to ask. I’ll have to make sure she knows to come checking this out this evening.

Ask her if she is writing for a non-profit, or for herself. If she wants a grant for something personal, like to write a book, or open a small business, then she can get funds allocated for that from the gov’t, but all of those grants have start and end dates. Feel free to email me specifics if you’d like.

Ok, she’s read this thread and has an idea what what she wants, so I’ll see that she e-mails you sometime reletively soon. I know she’ll greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you so much, Phlosphr.

No problem, I will look for the email. I’m delighted to help. I’ll pass on some valuable websites as well with some federal and state specific materials.