Info on remote crime story

Yesterday I heard a pretty - um - incredible story, and I was wondering if any of it was true. My buddy’s car broke down, and we called for a 50 mile tow. During the tow, I heard the following from the driver:

He is from St. Pete Florida, Pinellas County.
Both the driver and his brother are dedicated martial artists.
His brother is currently in jail, serving 2 life sentences for attempted murder of 2 individuals.
Their sister had been brutally raped by a homeless man.
When the cops were unable to find the rapist, the brothers searched for him on their own, offering a reward.
About 1 year after the rape, someone told the brother where to find the guy.
The brother nearly killed the rapist, and when someone else tried to intervene, the brother broke that guy’s neck.
The rapist is also spending life in prison.
When I asked when this all happened, he said “about 4 1/2 years ago.”

Impressed me as a sensational enough case, that there ought to be some record, but some diligent searching hasn’t turned up anything.

Yeah - it was an interesting ride home!

Well, there’s this story, which is remarkably similar but took place in the other St. Petersburg (Russia)… but I don’t recall the story you describe making the news here, as it undoubtedly would have.

It was weird, as he did not impress me as BSing. Story only came out a bit at a time during conversation. But later I started thinkig it sounded a tad outlandish.

If you remember the guy’s name, you could look for his brother (assuming they’ve got the same last name) here: just to be sure.

Did he say that the sister lived in Pinellas county also? Perhaps she lived somewhere else?

FWIW, Florida is apparently the most dangerous place to be homeless, with 47 assaults on homeless people reported here last year - about a third of the national total.

He wouldn’t have been simply trying to convince you he was a badass (with a convicted murderer brother) to make sure you didn’t try and stiff him for the tow job, would he? Truck drivers (of any kind) are notorious bullshitters; especially about how tough they are and how many guys they beat half to death over the years. I know, I have several in my family.

Tow was paid by AAA, so that wasn’t an issue.
Yeah, I well imagine he was BSing, but it didn’t at all come out as bragging.
We were just shooting the shit. Talked about the election and stuff.
He said he had just moved up from FLA as his wife was sick, to be near her family.
So we talked about that for a while.
Then I asked if he hunted, cause hunting/fishing is a big pastime where we were.
He said he couldn’t own guns because of an old conviction. Then said sorta jokingly it was probably a good thing because he might kill someone like the guy who raped his sister. And the conversation/story/bullshit developed from there.
Really didn’t seem like most bragging I’ve encountered.
Like I said, an interesting ride.

AFAIK, the majority of homeless beatings in Florida have been thrill crimes – preying on the helpless, doing it because you can. But when you are in jail it is best to have a story that doesn’t make you sound like an asshole, and it certainly plays better to have committed a very violent crime to avenge your sister’s honor – accidentally killing someone else in the process too, oopsie – than to have committed a very violent crime for sadistic shits and giggles.

But really I suspect the guy was just shining you on, because he could. Some people are like that. I mean, who “jokingly” says “I might kill someone, like the guy who raped my sister”?

Actually, it was the more convincing as he kinda tossed it off casually. When I asked if he hunted, he said he couldn’t carry. Then turned the subject to being happy that he could vote. Was glad to have that right, and had not yet gone through whatever procedures were necessary to get gun rights restored. Only then, did he say - “BTW, it might be a good thing…”

Oh - and you want to know what kind of guy would say it? Well, maybe the kind of guy who has long hair, wrap around mirrored shades, flannel with torn off sleeves, multiple tatoos including barbed wire around his neck and the words “White Trash” on the right side of his neck, and a tongue stud.

I generally try to avoid making snap judgments based on appearance, but I readily acknowledge that his conversation did not mesh with what I expected from his physical appearance.