Infomercial-cooks frozen meat in minutes

Was up late last night. They had on an infomercial that caught my attention. Mr. T was in it. It was this cooker, see-through, which cooks a totally frozen piece of meat in 16 minutes.
My question is, is this unusual? Never tried to do that myself, and Is it for real?

I can cook frozen hamburgers on a Foreman grill in three.

I was wondering if this was an unusual feat or if they were just Thanks.

How big a piece of meat? When I was a short order cook, we’d put a frozen steak on the grill (~3/4" thick, as best I remember) and cover it with a metal mixing bowl. It would cook in about the same time as an uncovered unfrozen steak of the same size, maybe 8-10 minutes.

Starting frozen is the only way to make a thin steak to come out medium.

Unless you sous-vide :D.