Informal Survey - Democratic Candidate(s), Presidency.

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I’m usually not well-aligned with either major party in the U.S.

I’m voting for Kerry this year because he’s not G.W.B.

However - back in the primaries, there were certain candidates on the Democratic side that, honestly, I would not have voted for, even if the other choice was Bush.

Just wondering if any other Dopers in the same mindset (IE : Vote for Not-Bush!) saw any of the Democratic candidates as someone that they would in no circumstances vote for.

For me, it was Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton. IMO, Sharpton’s just an agitator who likes his name in the headlines. And Kucinich is a few pieces short of a puzzle. If the primaries had brought in either of them as the Democratic candidate, I would’ve reluctantly had to vote for Bush.

I wouldn’t have voted for Mosely-Braun, as much as I was thrilled while living in Illinois that she was elected Senator, because she is clearly unqualified for the job. Her campaign was step 1 of her plan to rehabilitate a tattered reputation.

I wuldn’t have voted for Kucinich because he also IMHO isn’t qualified, mush as I may agree with him.

I’ve never liked Gephardt so I wouldn’t have voted for him.

I actually voted for Sharpton in the primary because even though he is every bit as unqualified as some of the other candidates he was engaging and his presence brought some diversity of focus to a number of issues (he also had most of the best lines during the debates).

However, all that being said, there is no power on God’s green earth sufficient that regardless of who the Dem nominee was I would have ever voted for GWB.

If Sharpton, Kuncinich, or Lieberman had won the nomination I would not vote, or at least not for President. Hell I’d maybe even vote for Bush if he ran against Sharpton and he had a chance at winning. Not that it matters - my state will give its 30 something votes to Bush even if the Democrats had nominated Jesus.

Kucinich is a inexperience far left wacko with a bad haircut. Seems like a nice guy though. Sharpton is a self obsessed nut job with an even worse haircut. And Liebermen is basically just a Republican if you subtracted all the things I kind of like about Republicans.

Gephardt seemed to have a disastorous economic policy and doesn’t have eyebrows, so I’d really have to think who I’d vote for if he had won. I dont know what to think about Edwards but man is that dude happy looking. Its infectious. He has a pretty cool accent too.

I was a bit suspicious of Kerry at first but when weasled into a more moderate position he grew on me. Kerry seems like the kind of weasel who will actually do what he says he will while Bush is the kind of weasel who does the complete opposite until an hour before re-election. If your going to fool people you should at least have the decency to do a good job of it. Bush’s convention is just plain insulting.

Yeah, but if he were to become President he could probably afford to buy some eyebrows. And you may be on to something with that Jesus idea. I think he should throw his hat in the ring. Although it would be a weird Democratic platform with Jesus on it, drawing the far right and far left but possibly alienating the middle.

Maybe if Jesus picked Moses as his running mate then maybe he could part the middle. Only problem is that when tin-foil hat nut jobs and muslim extremists say that the Jews are running America, they’d be right.

Sharpton is the only one that I’m familiar enough with to comment on and there’s no way that I would have voted for him.

What exactly is wrong with Kucinich?

I would vote for Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear over Dubya. But if the nominee had been Lieberman, I would have stayed home.

If Sharpton had won, I would have stayed home.

I would have thought long and hard about Lieberman. Then probably stayed home and cried for the final and complete death of liberalism.

I would have voted for Kucinich. Lightly holding my nose and with a deep sigh of his inevitable complete humilation at the polls, but I would have done it.

I think he departed this mindspace sometime around 1969. Department of Peace?

Sharpton v Bush? Talk about a Sophie’s choice :eek:

I’ll probably have a nightmare about that tonight.

I would’ve winced and bit down hard as I did it, but I’d’ve voted for Sharpton if necessary. Or Lieberman. Certainly I could’ve lived with Kucinich. Mosely-Braun, sure, what the hell.

If the Democrats had nominated the rotting corpse of Lyndon Johnson…hmm…Vietnam or Iraq, Vietnam or Iraq… 'course, being dead and all… I dunno, that would be a harder one to choose on.