Information on Linguistics (grad school/jobs) wanted

A friend of mine is interested in going into the field of linguistics and wanted some information. I knew y’all would be a veritable fount of information, so I came here.

Can you help?

There’s the Defense Language Institute a Department of Defense agency that teaches foreign languages (besides regulars like Spanish, French, and German, they also offer Serbian-Croatian, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Greek).

Don’t forget CARLA if your friend is interested in less-commonly taught languages. CARLA lists schools offering classes in languages such as Avestan, Chamorro, Ebira, Faroese, Homeric Greek, Hmong, Inuktituk, Classical Japanese, Kazakh, Luganda, Maasai, Navajo, Oriya, Pashto, Quechua, Romanian, Sumerian, Tibetan, Ukrainian, Wolof, Xhosa, Yiddish, and Zapotec.

One might want to make a distinction between studying languages and studying linguistics. For linguistics programs, check out the list of linguistics programs at the LINGUIST list homepage. They list general linguistics programs as well as programs that focus on a specific language group (i.e., East Asian or Slavic).

Of course, to attend DLI you normally have to join the military. When I studied at DLI (Chinese), I heard tell that people from non-military federal agencies occasionally took classes, but I never ran across any of them. Perhaps they all study at DLI East, a much smaller campus near Washington which seems a little mysterious to most people who studied at DLI in Monterey.

I wouldn’t recommend joining the military for languages, though. One might love to study languages, but one may not be proud to do what the military does with those languages. I won’t take this into GD territory by arguing right or wrong, but obviously a person should explore all aspects of any potential career before entering it.