Inglourious Basterds trailer

Now there’s a mission statement I could get behind :smiley:

I’m a bit of a Tarantino fanboy. Even his poor movies I find intersting. I’m really looking forward to this one. I’ve been reading about it and hearing him talk about it for years.

I’m a hard-core Tarantino fangirl, but I don’t know if I want to watch this. Of course I’ll be there opening day for the movie, but I think I want everything to be fresh. No trailers, no reviews, no articles, no message board posts, nothing. I’ve seen one still, and kinda wish I hadn’t seen it.

But that link is awfully tempting. Damn.

For those who think you’re spelling-challenged, Basterds is spelled that way on purpose. I don’t know why. That’s one of the surprises I want to keep for my first viewing.

Pitt’s accent sounds to me like it could get awfully annoying, however.

Brad Pitt looks too much like Brad Pitt in this role. Unlike Samuel L Jackson playing Samuel L Jackson, Brad Pitt playing Brad Pitt doesn’t work for me. I would have preferred to see an unknown or maybe somebody like Woody Harrelson.

I agree. It sounds like he’s playing Jesse James again.

Never Woody Harrelson. He totally sucks as an actor.

Another unnecessary remake. Tarantino really doesn’t have any original bones.

Though I guess somebody called yojimbo could make a case that some remakes are good. But please learn to spell. Inglorious. Bastards. Nazis. Interesting.

ETA: Oops – apparently, for whatever reason, the 2009 movie title is indeed spelled Inglourious Basterds. My apologies.

Okay, it might be worth it just to see B.J. Novak play a tough soldier.

I think it’s refreshing to have Tarantino make *a *movie again. Not two movies; not a half a movie. A movie.

What case would that be?

Well, you clearly know it’s a remake so I’m a little surprised that you’re confused about the spelling of its name.

It’s not a remake. There was an Italian WWII flick called Inglorious Bastards, and that’s where QT got the title, but this is an original story.

The 70’s flick is really good, though. I watched it like 20 times on HBO. It’s most definitely the kind of thing that Tarantino would adore. Lots of wit and mindless violence.

I think it looks like it has the potential to have some energy and wit. It’s kind f cool to see a WWII flick that’s an old school shoot 'em up rather than a statement film about the holocaust or the horrors of war.

I have some mild reservations about Brad Pitt’s casting. I like him ok, but I’m not sure he really seems persuasive in this kind of role. I can’t help thinking that somebody like Chris Cooper would be more convincing (imagine Cooper giving the same speech that Pitt gives in the trailer. See what I mean?). I’m willing to give Pitt a chance, though.

I think there’s also something to be said about a war movie that tosses moral ambiguity out the window and just says, “To hell with it. We’re the good guys, those are the bad guys, let’s go kill the sons of bitches.”

It looks like a straight-to-dvd B movie. When is Tarantino going to grow up and make a serious movie? I’m tired of seeing him squander his talent on campy films.

Tarantino doesn’t want to make serious movies, he wants to make high-quality trash. It’s what he likes, it’s what he’s good at. And I say, good for him - any yahoo can make a serious film; making a film that’s actually fun is a lot harder.

Anyway, it looks awesome. I’m wondering, though: what about the soundtrack? It’s a well known fact that Tarantino picks his songs before he even writes his script. Knowing how crucial music is to his films, I wonder whether he’ll use a modern rock-and-pop soundtrack, or whether he’ll go with contemporary 1940’s tracks? Knowing him, it’ll probably be the former, but I think I prefer the second option, if only for the Fallout 3 vibe.

Am I the only one who sees the glaring flaw in this trailer? Tarantino expects us to buy B.J Novak, Eli Roth and Samm Levine as bad-ass, Nazi killing basterds? These guys average about 5’5" and 145 pounds. I could take them all on at once. It doesn’t seem that Tarantino intends this as some kind of in-joke at all. I think it’s going to totally kill the movie.

Also, the stunt casting of Jackson, Pitt, Myers and Leachman worries me. All in all, stunt casting fails miserably more often than it succeeds and is usually an indication that the director and the film lack any actual content to make you want to see it.

I hope this is good. I hope it is fun and bloody and campy in the best way. I hope it’s not some pandering celeb ego fucking and I hope I don’t have to pretend that a bunch of dweebs are hardened, elite special forces kicking all kinds of ass.

Tarantino is like the guy you used to hang out with when you were 19. You’d get pissed and go to punk clubs and ogle chicks and go back to your place and get trashed some more and talk shit and play Doom and some old Black Flag records and it was a blast. And now you’re 40 and have a house and a wife and kids, and he’s still pumping gas and living at home but thinks you’ve sold out because you won’t hang out all night doing what was fun 20 years ago anymore.

Heh, I think I’m going to like this film.
Especially if it’s what I think it is.
Gotta love someone who takes chances, and if he ends up making me feel sorry for the Nazis, I’ll be impressed- because most filmmakes wouldn’t really try to go that route at ALL. This film though already seems to set itself up as just that- the Nazis are going to get fucked up by some horrible horrible people.

Though I’m kinda bummed, early reports said Adam Sandler was also going to be in the film back when it was still being tossed around. Pitt was signed up for a while, but it was supposed to have Sandler in it.

Edit: Ah, now that I looked it up I found out who I was thinking was going to be in it. I wonder how he’ll do, as QT can do some MIRACLES with certain actors who’ve not been big in a while… I’ll spoiler it for those who want to be surprised by the film.

Mike Myers, yes, Shrek himself is in here.

But he’s the MAN if you’re only 23 :smiley:

My God, you’re right! There’s no way a man only 5’5" (and of slight build) could be a Nazi killing basterd- and in WW2 of all wars!

According to Wiki, Sandler was supposed to be in the role filled by Eli Roth. Not the Pitt role. Michael Madsen was supposedly in the Pitt role in an early version of the film, but that was in 2003 and the current film isn’t much like the script back then it appears.