Ingrowing Toenails

A pal of mine had an ingrowing toenail removed during the week and I got to wondering.

Why do we never hear about ingrowing fingernails?.

Could it be because they’re, in part, caused by the pressure of shoes and fingernails don’t have any comparable pressure on them? Just a wag!

Yes this is one reason that causes them.

Another is cutting your toenails on a curve rather than the recommended method of straight across.

That said, I cut my fingernails on a curve and so do a lot of others

I used to get ingrown thumbnails when I was a kid. It’s not pleasant. I bite my nails which doesn’t help.

What Hazle Weatherfield said.

Saying it as “ingrowing toenails” makes it sound like a hobby. :slight_smile:

I recently (two months ago) sprang for a really decent pair of steel-toed work boots, with much better arch support.

I can’t really feel any difference in the “toe room” between old and new boots; if anything, I think the old, “cheap” boots may have had more “toe room.”

But my ingrown toenail problem has almost entirely disappeared.