inhaling prozac?

What would happen if you were to break open a prozac (or any anti-depressant, for that matter) capsule and inhale the contents? I’m inclined to think that it would just enter your bloodstream faster, making it take effect faster.

I figured this would be the place to get an answer after reading the threads about all the drugs you people have done- you guys get around :slight_smile: I’m happy to see you are all still here.

serotonin uptake inhibitors like Prozac are very slow acting. Even after you’ve got a full dose in your bloodstream, it takes about a day for the chemical to work its way into your receptors, and it takes about a week to get it out of your system once you stop taking it. The “speed” of the drug can’t really be enhanced by snorting or shooting up with it…

A lot of coughing followed by instant happiness :slight_smile:


Chas is dead right. Maintaining a does is just a question of topping up regularly while the drug slowly sits around ‘saturation level’. The ‘half life’ of Prozac and similar is about 7 days. The other factor is that in terms of measuring real results with SSRIs, a period of at least 2 weeks is recommended.

Smile if you took your Prozac today :slight_smile:

Don’t know about prozac, but Zoloft is not to be sniffed. At first, you will get a burny sensation in your nose, then down your throat. You will start to feel your entire head and throat swelling shut.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to the bathroom in time and start rinsing your nose out. The only time you ever even considered snorting water up your nose. It will help, but not much. After approximately ten minutes, the stinging will subside a little, and you’ll go back to your room.

You may very well experience a terrible headache and middling to extremem nausea. You may in fact laspe out of consciousness for a short while.

Another example of me breaking a personal rule (don’t do a drug unless you know it inside and out) an dregretting it.


The route of entry does not matter much as not only Prozac is slow acting biochemically, its physiologic effects are not fully expressed for several weeks.

I knew it was slow acting, but the saturation level explanation is a new one. Thanks alot you guys!

umm… I’m not sure the “saturation level” explanation is correct. If you were “saturated” with a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, every brain function would completely cease. A normal dose of Prozac is nowhere near “saturation” levels.

And if you wonder how I know about this, I had a sister who tried to commit suicide by ingesting a whole bottle of Prozac. Boy is she stupid.

Prozac actually has a long-enough half-life that they came out with a weekly dosage form when the patent expired. It wasn’t very popular, and is no longer available.

I wouldn’t recommend snorting it.

I think you were 21 years too late…

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The advice given with many antidepressants is that it may be four weeks or more before a clinical effect is noted. This is due to slow uptake and action. There are drugs where route of ingestion affects onset speed - but antidepressants are not high on the list.

Well, anecdotally SSRI’s make me feel like a pleasantly plucked banjo string for the first couple weeks then not much after.