Inhofe retiring - Good riddance!

Idiot asshole hung around way too long.


It’s not surprising he’s anti-climate change given who his donors are. Remember that politicians work for the people… the people who fund their campaigns and lifestyle. You can’t be a senator in OK or TX and be against oil and gas. His livelihood depended on them, as would anyone who wanted to get reelected…

I hesitate to say it, but his replacement doesn’t seem to be nearly as nuts as Inhofe. We shall see…(the “former MMA fighter” line in the bio isn’t a plus.)

As in:
It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It – Quote Investigator

That article is a mess. They obviously put it up before the election and then just added information after, leaving in the parts from before the election.

Markwayne Mullin? Were his parents try to save a penny by eliminating the space? He looks like Cut-Rate Chuck Norris, and from

At the time of the election, Mullin had represented Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District since 2013. He campaigned on making the country energy independent, lowering inflation, and defending the Second Amendment. Mullin said, “I entered the race for Senate because the people of Oklahoma deserve a Senator who will fight for their conservative values. I am a Christian, a family man and a proud supporter of President Trump and I will always fight for the America First policies that Oklahomans have been desperately missing during Joe Biden’s failed time in office.”[7]

He sounds like a real winner.


Oklahoma. Texas’s dumber younger brother.

Nah, Oklahoma is the toady to the main bully who yells insults and threats while standing behind and to the left of his master.


I see no conflict between the above two statements.

Oklahoma is the reason Texas doesn’t drift away into the Gulf of Mexico. Because it sucks.

Inhofe may be a worm but no reason to denigrate an entire state, that’s rude.

They elected him, so they get tarred with the same brush. Thems the rules.

Man, you haven’t even heard the opprobrium have for Florida. Next to that, Oklahoma is just the slightly slow kid in the class that thinks he’s clever about stealing from other kids’ lunch boxes while they’re out for recess.


No, no, he’s pro-climate change. The people who are anti-climate-change are the ones who are trying to stop it.

You’re right it’s rude. And ideally I’d not engage in rude behavior. I can’t speak for the others.

But having lived there for something over a year, I can say there’s a LOT of deliberate backwards ignorance proudly labeled as “standing for time-honored principals”. And a lot of xenophobia, which almost everywhere on Earth is a product of deliberate ignorance and extreme cultural inbreeding. OK also enjoys no small measure of racial and religious prejudice. Which are also products of willful ignorance and narrow thinking.

There’s little to admire in any of that.

Like most resource extractive states, the tax & job implications of that industry rule almost all public policy and almost all private thought about public policy. Inhofe was a particularly strong exemplar of that breed, but he was one among millions in that state. As I pointed out obliquely in post 11.

Yep, and the same applies in other states that have similar economies, like West Virginia and the backwoods of rural Texas. The difference with Texas is that it’s big enough and rich enough to have diversified industries and major cities featuring things like culture and universities and stuff.

Mr. 2nd amendment cowering in house chamber during Jan 6th insurrection. He’s a liar, an uneducated buffoon, and now a Senator. He makes Tuberville-AL and Ron Johnson-WI look smart. When he first ran for house of representatives, he promised to work for term limits and vowed to restrict himself to two terms (that shit passed quickly when he and his wife got a taste of DC). He was big on cutting government waste and contracts as they were “welfare”. He found out the more than 60% of his plumbing contracts/income were the same government “welfare.” Another promise down the drain.

Inhofe was a climate drag but often a source of compromise in earlier years between parties. As he aged out, his conservatism hardened into partisan arteriosclerosis.

The one good thing I’ll say about Jim Inhofe – he has been a consistent and vocal supporter of the rights of the Sahrawi people. I think it’s sage to say that 99% of his constituents and his donors are completely unaware of the five-decade, illegal Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. And yet he has long used his position to highlight the conflict and advocate for self-determination for Western Sahara. When the Trump Administration reversed long-standing US policy of refusing to recognize the annexation, Inhofe spoke out against the move in strong terms.

Why is he so passionate about that specific area?