Which incumbent Do You Most Want to See Go Down in Flames?

My top 5 (all Republicans of course)

  1. Mean Jean Schmidt (OH-2) Batshit crazy. Called Vietnam vet John Murtha a coward on the House floor.

  2. Ted Stevens (AK - Senate) Senator Tubes is 84, partially senile and totally corrupt.

  3. Jim Inhofe (OK - Senate) Thinks global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on mankind. Nuff said.

  4. Saxby Chambliss (GA - Senate) Compared triple amputee and Vietnam vet Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden in 2002 race. A special place in hell is already awaiting ol’ Saxby.

  5. Michelle Bachmann (MN-6) Mean Jean is stone cold sober compared to the raving lunacy of this woman. Somehow thinks that calling for the investigation of fellow congressmen on charges of anti-Americanism is somehow pro-American.

Your nominations?

Bachmann, Bachmann, and Bachmann. Yick.

Her speech at the RNC was the height of creepiness. She so perkily talked about how “friendly” Minnesota was while essentially saying the Democrats were horrible people who hated America.

I totally agree about Bachmann- she is one cold blooded creepy piece of work!

John Cornyn. Partially because the guy’s a Bush-supporting dick, and partially because I wanna see Texas turn blue.

John Murtha
Jim Moran
Tim Mahoney - elected to replace Mark Foley. Looks like he’s now been caught paying hush money to a mistress, and she has him on tape committing what looks very much like sexual harassment.
Bill Shuster - just as corrupt as his old man.
And the aforementioned Stevens.

I’ll add Alan Mollohan to this as a dishonorable mention - the man has grossly misused nonprofits and earmarks in his district to make a nice little corrupt profit for himself.

Do they have to be Americans?

Silvio Berlusconi. Guy’s a total asshole.

Is there another election coming up? I thought he just got back in.

Re: the U.S.
Schmidt and Murtha
Mahoney (primarily for sheer stupidity)
Bachmann (ditto)

Most of my least favorites are Senators who are not up this time around.

Actually, ALL of them

Yes, I realize that some good will be cast out as well but I think the only way to fix this sinking ship is to throw all the bums out and start over and this time with term limits.

Norm Coleman. The Senate will be so much more entertaining with Al Franken in it! :smiley:

Murtha will die in office. He’s like an old shoe…sometimes that right instep knocks against your foot, but the rest of it’s as comfortable as a moccasin. Johnstown and environs will never vote him out unless he’s caught with a live boy or a dead girl.

Shuster’s an ass. So was his dad, but at least Bud earned his seat. Not to say I-99 was necessarily a GOOD thing for the rest of the country, but Altoona and State College sure appreciated him.

Bill, on the other hand, thinks he inherited his dad’s seat for life. I hate that attitude. Unfortunately, I’m no longer in that district to have the pleasure of voting against him.

Bart Gordon (D, TN)

My local Congressloser.

A stagnant officeholder, a do-nothing that cares nothing & shuffles his way through office.

The Repubs ran the same loser, a peculiar dentist, against him 3 times, losing each time.

No Repub challenger at all this time. I voted for his Independent rival, sight unseen.

I’ve lived here for five years, voted in the last two elections and had somehow managed to completely erase the idea that Michele Bachman was my congresswoman from my head. :eek:

Seriously. Some guy came door-to-door to ask me who I was going to vote for, and when he listed her I about keeled over in shock. I had no idea. AND I HAVE VOTED IN EVERY ELECTION!!

Definitely want to see her go down in flames. Preferably radioactive magnesium fired flames ending in a permanent bath of sulfurous flames and guys in red suits jamming pointy things in her ass.

I’m a staunch Democrat, and I couldn’t agree more. God, what an asshole.
As far as Tim Mahoney goes, I think his district ought to be disenfranchised until they grow brains. First Foley, now him. Is that district filled with halfway houses for sex offenders or something?

Michelle Bachmann (MN-6) earned the top spot with her performance on Hardball yesterday. All she lacked was a swastika.

Tim Wahlberg (MI-7) defeated a moderate Republican incumbent in a primary in 2006 with a smear campaign, and now is doing the same against his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer. He just makes my list because he’s in my neighboring district and I see all his ads.

Mike Rogers (MI-8) is on the list because he’s my rep.

Jean Schmidt (OH-2) won’t lose, but we can hate her just the same.

  1. Mitch McConnell (Senate: R-KY). I’m more worried about snakes who clean up nice than I am about raving wingnuts.
  2. Saxby Chambliss (Senate: R-GA). What Frosti said.
  3. Tim Mahoney (House: R-FL). This is what happens, Steny and Rahm, when you recruit a Republican to run as a pretend Democrat. He was worthless even before this latest scandal.
  4. Liddy Dole (Senate: R-Watergate). Basically does nothing but take up space and vote the party line. Rarely bothers to visit NC, which she supposedly represents.
  5. Michelle Bachmann (House: R-MN). I don’t mind the existence of GOP wingnuts - I see a possible future where they’ve devolved into the Black Helicopter Party, and I’m OK with that - but dammit, Minnesotans are too nice to be represented by a nutcase like Bachmann.

Oh, another one (unfortunately not up for reelection):

Joe Lieberman needs to have his weasel ass bounced back to whatever slimy rock he crawled out from under.

My Senator, Dick Durbin and my Congressman Danny K. Davis. It will never happen, but a girl can dream.


Danny Davis I can see… but what’s wrong with Dick Durbin?

He’s a Democrat. Remember that he’s Sarahfeena’s pick.

Yeah, he did, but Italy has a parliamentary system that can fall.

Okay, he’s not actually running at the moment though. I just really hate Berlusconi.