The Congresswoman with the crazy eyes.

Surprisingly, a search of the Pit over the last month does not return one hit for Bachmann. True, her calling for a commie witch hunt on Capital Hill was a bit more than 4 months ago and her views on the effects of gay marriage have been out there forever. They are still comical even today.

Here are a few quotes:

I, myself, got a 69 in my gay curriculum class.

How about how Obamas policies are causing babies of color to abort.

But why today? Why has Michele-- may God flay her flesh with the shards of broken crockery teenaged fast food employees should be paying for***** for bringing so much shame on such a glorious name-- done for me lately? Why accuse Obama and GM of a vast retarded conspiracy, what do you think she did?

Only this dealership owner isn’t really that Democratic. In fact he’s donated way over $50,000 to Republican causes-- including $6700 to Bachmann herself. Stupid or crazy? I say a little from column A and a little from column B.

Heh…I knew who this was going to be about before I even moused over it. Guess ya don’t have to be psychic where Bachmann’s concerned…

I’m somewhat resentful I never got my heterosexual training when I was in school.

You never played dodgeball?

Dodgeball isn’t homosexual or heterosexual. It’s protectyoursexuals.

I always considered that my sadomasochistic training.

A D+, eh? You are a Big Girl! :wink:

If I was the teacher, a 69 in that class would be an A+.

She messed up, though; she did it with a guy. It was gay curriculum class.

I love this website:

I wondered what I was going to do now that Bushisms are irrelevant. This is comedy gold! also has a nice collection of Bachmann articles & blog posts:

Minnesota’s 6th congressional district! Have you no shame!

If you go over to Free Republic, they want her to run on a join ticket with Sarah Palin in 2012! She makes Palin look like Eleanor freaking Roosevelt!

Minnesota politics are severly bi-polar. I just don’t get how is it in the same state you get Michele Bachman and Keith Ellison? Norm Coleman and Paul Wellstone(and Al Franken)? Jesse Ventura and, well, Jesse Ventura? Seriously, wtf?

Make that tri-polar. We pick them from the left, the right and the crazy.

There must have been a mistake. Try running a search for “batshit”

ETA : jayjay, you owe me a keyboard.

The sixth district goes up into some areas of the state that have always been shockingly racist and almost openly anti-semitic. It’s Bizarro Land in that area.

But of course, the Dems HAD to run a guy against her with an extremely gay sounding name. Should have changed his name to ‘Max Power’ for the campaign. He’d have likely won.
But hey, you gotta like the “no minimum wage” thing. After all, if we’d just go back to the 19th century idea of sending off children for years of unpaid apprenticeships before they earned the right to claim a shiny nickel per hour for their labor, we’d be at 100% employment in this country. Right? :dubious:

I wonder if we can pull the same trick on her and not pay her for her work in Congress on the basis that it costs a lot of money to clean up after the crazy.

Sadly we do have shame; and we call her Bat-shit Crazy Bachman. (My added shame is that so many others living near me actually vote for her.)

tds1273, I still prefer Ventura over the piece of shit we have right now - good ol’ “I don’t care who it fucks over, I won’t increase taxes for any reason” Pawlenty.

Now there’s a cohesive, well thought out, practical and-- most importantly-- feasible economic plan.

First, do away with minimum wage so that employers can eliminate unemployment by paying their workers whatever they want. Because, as any right thinking person knows, unemployment is caused by workers who want to get paid too much money. Once MN can get all of the unemployed working for under 6 dollars an hour, why just THINK of all that extra cash Minnestotians will have to spend-- driving up the economy even more!

Then, with everyone working at whatever level, it would be so much easier for employees to pay employers for work supplies. Having employees pay employers builds character and you know what a good character will get you-- MORE MONEY! So much more money your employer will be borrowing money from YOU!

AND THEN, what with employers paying employees so little plus charging them supplies plus plus PLUS borrowing money from their employees will keep the rich rich and our beloved country will be able to maintain it’s high levels of richosity.

Plus, plus, plus, plus, win-win-win-- it’ll shut down in it’s tracks the Obama plan to get rid of the dollar.
You know, that’s why that GM dealership guy donated money to Bachmann. It wasn’t a donation at all. It was a loan.

Hey I think I’d be right there with you. Actually, from what I’ve seen of Ventura on the cable news shows, especially over about the last year, he seems like someone I’d be fairly happy to have in office.

I purposely excluded Pawlenty as he comes across as so milquetoast that just forgetting him seemed to fit; plus it is just funner to riff on the Ventura thing.