Inigo Montoya or Westley?

Who is more cool?

2 + 2 = 4;

water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom;

and Inigo Montoya is the cooler character.

It was a tough call. I love 'em both. But I had to give my vote for Inigo, if only for the line “I want my father back, you son of a bitch”. Of course, in terms of ‘cool lines’, Westley does have “I’ve been mostly dead all day, and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy??” :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, how did I screw this up?

It’s a tie for me – they’re both all kinds of [del]sexy[/del] cool. And since in my book, the tie goes to the underdog, I chose Westley.

Inigo has the best line, but he’s not quite as badass as Westley, is an alcoholic, doesn’t “get the girl”, and his hairdo makes me think of those overdone mens’ wigs from the 18th century.

He’s certainly set up to start the part towards the “coolest man in the universe” at the end of the movie, but he needs to go off and become the Dread Pirate Roberts and snag a princess before he’ll match up to Westley.

Inigo is the more interesting character, but Westley is cooler imo

Westley is sexier; Inigo is cooler.

Are you talking about Westley Crusher?

Inigo, because he’s a poster here, and has more internet memes than the dread pirate Roberts.

No, Wesley Windham-Price!

okay, that needs to be a whole separate poll: which wesley (westley) is cooler?

Edit: Wonder if we should add in the Weasleys too.

You just summed up my life’s philosophy in one succinct sentence. Wow.

ETA: Love 'em both but I voted for Westley. His supreme, never waving confidence is very sexy, erm, cool.

Inigo is much cooler. Westley is P-whipped :slight_smile:

But both pale in comparison to Fezzik.

When I was a girl I loved Westley best.

Now that I am an adult Westley is a distant second at best to Inigo.

I’m going with the book on this one. Wesley was in love, tried to go to America, became a pirate, got captured, and eventually (maybe) got the girl.

Inigo saw his father murdered in front of him at 11, challenged the killer to a duel at that moment, lost (painfully) but survived, declared undying revenge, spent 10 years mastering sword fighting and other martial arts, tracked down said killer, helped rescue Wesley, fought his way into the palace to meet up with the killer, and delivers one of the best revenge scenes ever penned before going on to become the next Dread Pirate Roberts.

Yeah, Inigo wins, hands down, any day of the week.

Both are motivated by True Love, but the book actually makes it pretty clear that Inigo’s love was truer. Consider: Wesley is able to completely ignore ordinary torture, by thinking of Buttercup. That’s pretty good-- Wesley’s love is stronger than ordinary torture. But it doesn’t work with The Machine: Strong though Wesley’s love is, The Machine is stronger, even on the lowest setting.

But when Inigo hears Wesley’s cries when The Machine is turned up all the way to 50, he recognizes it immediately as the sound of ultimate suffering, since that’s the sound his heart made when his father was murdered. Inigo’s love for his father is on a par with The Machine set to 50, while Wesley’s love for Buttercup isn’t even a match for it at 1. Ergo, Inigo’s love is far stronger than Wesley’s.

I voted for Inigo; but after that post, I think I want Chronos.

I must still be but a girl. I went with Westley.

Ok, to me Inigo is a Doper (what else, I don’t know) and I’ve no idea who or what ‘Westley’ is so I’m going to vote Inigo.