Inigo's embryonic thoughts...

…that will abort before they develop into good threads:

  1. Yes, Mrs. Montoya, I love you and support you in your decision to get schooled as a nurse. No, Mrs. Montoya, I do not wish to accompany you to ‘cadaver lab.’ I had a hard enough time chopping up kitty in college biology, and I passed out at your DNC. I have absoulutely no desire to gaze at dissected people nor their bits.

  2. Saddam is BACK! That sumbitch lives in a jail, but I’ll be damned if He wasn’t in charge of the courtroom! Even mafia bosses can run their organizations (sometimes more safely) from behind bars, if ANY Baath Nazis are out there and can communicate with Saddam, I fear for the “infant government” of Iraq. I fear His henchmen will cow or kill them one by one until the judge gets the point & acquits Him, agrees that He is the rightfully elected leader of Iraq unjustly captured & held by an unlawful invasion, and sets him free. It’s wrong, but He must be assassinated before his trial. Will nobody jump on this grenade?

  3. Our President says Saddam is a monster because he ordered the killing of his own people. Our president has blood on his hands from his tenure as Texas Governor–how many deaths do you have to order before you become a monster? 10,000? 1,000? 100? 10? 1? How about if you only order 10, but at least 1 is mentally incompetent, and thus not legally capable of a crime?

  4. Who the F*** ever heard of an Harmonic Balancer when they were growing up? How did my neighbor blow his one month before mine went? Why is there only ONE (which is less than 5 miles from my house) that fits my car in all the junkyards in Colorado . Why does it cost $45 from the junkyard (because you NEED it, THAT’s why!) but it costs $225 from Toyta?

  5. What if we set up an FBI satellite office in Iraq to track & arrest insurgents? How about the same in Sudan? Afghanistan? Any other little self-destructive country in the world that needs help?

  6. My garden recovered from the stomp of the hail god–I will have onions, peas, beans, canteloupes and carrots by August. Hoo-Rah!

  7. I like The Kinks. I’ve always wanted to start a Kinks appreciation thread because I know there’s nobody out there who *hates * the Kinks. And I think that while their songs are dead on balls accurate 100% of the time, nobody really feels good about the reality they show us, so they never get appreciated in public. Yeah Kinks! You guys make me weep openly!

  8. I read 3 books from Steven King’s Gunslinger series. I wish I had time to catch up.

  9. My cat’s breath does not smell like catfood, it smells like ASS! I think he’s not a cat. I think he’s a hairy Komodo dragon.

  10. I love my wife, and I love my kids. I refuse to dedicate a post to any of them. The Straight Dope is MY realm. My wife is a genius, and she thinks TSD is silly (and it IS, that’s the appeal!). She also does not like The Princess Bride. : sigh: My life is solitude.

…Oh, the point? I have not the time to meditate on the above to any degree that would make them worthy, alone, as a thread in any forum. Please feel free to grab some and post them as your own if you like. Or ignore them entirely and thank me for reducing 10 threads of drivel into one.


  1. Damnit, and here I am, looking for someone who can hook me up with an autopsy. :frowning: Really. What the hey, I’m a curious person.

  2. I’m stating for the record right now: I’d he’s not killed, he will be full, open President of Iraq in five years time.

  3. I try to refrain from going off on my feelings on the man. Suffice it to say, I’m firmly in the A.B.B. camp.

  4. Beats me. I never heard of one until this post.

  5. Because they’d have a car bomb delivered before the paint was dry.

  6. Good for you! I did my spring planting very late this year, but the blooms are finally starting to show.

  7. During the whole Who Appreciation Thread, my thought was always “Yeah, I love The Who. I mean, they’re no Kinks, but…”

  8. My circle of friends and I all have very smilar tastes in books. And since they all love the Gunslinger series so much, it kinda bums me out that the whole series bores me to death.

  9. Do you have more than one cat? 'Cause all my cats asses smell like ass, since they’re always licking each others asses.

  10. I love my wife more than anything imaginable. She’s absolutely the best thing in my world. She dabbles in The Dope (kittenlm), and I like it when she keeps up-to-date on the threads. It adds something to the pool of “things we can discuss”.

10 point 5. You’ve blown my theory. I was sure that The Princess Bride was a movie you could love, or be indifferent about, but that there was no one in the world who actually did not like it. Hmph.

I just thought I’d mention that The Kinks, The Princess Bride, and a stance on cadavers are three areas in which my father and I are in accord. (It’s love, love, and hate, respectively, for anyone interested.) We’ve bonded over the first two on long car rides, and I’m sure the third one will be worked in somehow before the summer’s over. I’ll try to work subtly into conversation, like this:

“Daddy, you know what? I’m glad we dissected rats instead of cow eyeballs in high school.”
“Weren’t we just talking about something completely unrelated?”
“Yes. And I would like a pony for my birthday.”

[QUOTE=Inigo Montoya
7) I like The Kinks. <Snip> Yeah Kinks! You guys make me weep openly!

When I was a kid, I must have listened to Arthur and Lola about a hundred times each. I also loved Face to Face, Something Else, and Muswell Hillbillies very very much. One of the first records I ever owned outright was Low Budget, which I also enjoyed very much.

A Baker’s Dozen of my favorite Kinks songs:
Sunny Afternoon
Waterloo Sunset
Harry Rag
Lazy Old sun
The Contenders
Top of the Pops
This Time Tomorrow
20th Century Man
Celluloid Heroes
Catch Me Now I’m Falling

Kinks, I salute you!

There’s a Mrs. Montoya? le sigh Damn.

I guess you are more tolerant than I, since liking *The Princess Bride * would be a requirement of any long term commitment.

The first screenwriting class I ever took, on the second day, the teacher said she hated The Princess Bride. I knew at that moment that I’d already learned everything I could from that class.