Injecting a vaccine into a tattoo?

Really… wow. :exploding_head:

As an aside…do you really get people who are so afraid of needles that they refuse treatment that requires use of a needle?

I am no fan of needles. I hate getting shots and if you try to give me one I will be sure to tell you so but I will let you do it. I deal with it and get the shot (or blood drawn or whatever). I am not thrilled with the process but it needs doing. Same thing at the dentist. I hate it but I need to deal with it. We’ve all been there.

I should add I have no tattoos.

Mainly because I hate needles.

Also, FTR, I will tell you I hate needles before you jab me but I don’t fuss about it beyond letting you (person giving me a shot) know.

A tattoo involves a needle, sure, but it looks and feels nothing like getting a shot. It’s unsurprising to me that a tattoo gun doesn’t trigger some people’s aversion to needles.

Phobias are, by definition, irrational. Some people know they should get a shot, or would benefit from it, but cannot do it. A former colleague who has needle phobia understands and agrees with the need for vaccination, but was freaked out every year just by people talking about getting the flu vaccination when it was available at our office. She also got stitches in a deep hand laceration without local anesthesia. She couldn’t get the shots. I’m not in touch with her now, but I would imagine her agonizing over not being able to get the Covid vaccine. Maybe it will spur her to try desensitisation, but even that was previously too much to agree to for her.

Often. Refused blood draws, refused vaccinations, refused procedures that require local anesthesia, like laceration repairs, skin biopsies, incising and draining superficial abscesses, removing ingrown nails. My impression is that people with tattoos refuse these things more frequently than people without tattoos, but I have not formally quantified that.

This is NOT the majority of tattoo-havers, though. Just a significant minority.

IV drug addicts also occasionally show this behavior. Some because they don’t want to start getting poked again and get euphoric recall and possibly relapse, others because they hate needles if there’s no euphoric payoff for their use.

People are contradictory creatures.

Ideally a tattoo is placed 1.5-2.0 millimeters deep. The bevel on a hypodermic needle would make it very difficult to inject COVID-19 vaccine “into” a tattoo.

I did my share of drugs in my youth but the one thing I would never, ever, ever consider was any drug that required use of a needle because I hate needles. In that respect my aversion worked in my favor.

I’l fit that category in that I have a quite few small and medium-sized tattoos but the last time I have blood drawn for tests I had a panic attack and they literally had to give me valium. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: I did get the vaccine, though, and didn’t mind it as much as it was mercifully brief. No way would I look, though.

I was surprised. The vaccine shot was the least painful shot I have ever had. I wouldn’t look and was surprised when I was told it was done. I didn’t feel it.

I did have a sore shoulder later though but no biggie.

One of these days they’ll want to give your shots directly into an eyeball, if that’s the only ink-free place left.

Data point (anecdotally): I’m on Hawai’i Island and basically everyone here has a tattoo or two or three or four. If an injection through a tattoo were a serious issue, we’d all know about it.

And if it were a NON-serious issue, we’d also know about it, and as a matter of fact, I’ve heard that a shot through a tattoo can hurt more. Also that, other than hurting more while it happens and perhaps for a few minutes afterward, it’s not a big deal. A couple people vaccinated through tattoos have told me that this is how it went for them.

My wife gets injections into her eyeball every month or two to treat wet macular degeneration. She’s pretty blasé about it at this point.

This was an issue for me. I’m right-handed so their inclination was to give me the jab in my left arm, but I’ve got a big solid blackstar tattoo there; the application was heavy enough that the skin’s a bit raised. She didn’t want to jab it in there and I didn’t want her to. I have the logo for Torchwood on my right shoulder though, as as that’s a grid pattern, the pharmacist gave me the jab in the middle of one of the hexagons.

I got my second Pfizer dose a couple days ago, and I switched arms from the first time. The person giving the shot never said a thing and injected through the tattoo on my deltoid of that arm. It did become raised as it has in the past, and still hasn’t quite gone back to normal, but it’s not bothering me.

There’s a PSA on British television to promote vaccination and it shows about a dozen different people receiving shots. One of them has a tattoo and the shot went right in the middle.

I don’t think they would show that if there was an issue.

My mother-in-law also gets injections in her eyeball, but I thought it was to relieve pressure. Guess I should make sure I know what’s being done, since it could be something in my husband’s future.

I would chalk it up to paranoia, lack of understanding etc. by the nurse, shot-giver, etc. They are not infallible either.

Huh, when I got mine, they just asked me directly “which shoulder would you like?”. The first time, I saw no reason for a preference, and with the way the chairs were set up my left shoulder happened to be closer to the person asking, so I said “left”. Then that night, I realized that since I usually sleep on my left, that was a bit uncomfortable, so the next time, I chose right.

Though I don’t have any tattoos, other than one little gray spot where I was stabbed with a pencil in 7th grade.

I have many dozens of hours of ink. When people ask my gf if she has any, she laughs and says yes, but she can’t expose the area in public.

She has a dot for aiming the radiation that helped cure her cancer! :heart:

But a barbed wire biceps is pretty hardcore, too.