Inline booster for cable modems?

I live in an apartment and only have one cable outlet. Before, I had the outlet split between my TV and my cable modem… I was getting 29-30 dB SNR ratings for the cable modem and it functioned okay.

Recently I’ve had to add another TV (with another splitter), and the cable modem is getting 25-26 dB SNR ratings and is losing signal a few times a day.

Is there some way I can keep both TVs and boost the cable modem’s signal? An inline booster or something?

Another, related question:

If I have one cable line, and split it, and have outbound lines A and B… and then I take B and split it and now have outbound lines A, B, C, and D, with C and D off the B wire - does device A (split once) have more power than device C and D (split twice)? The cable tech told me all that matters would be the net drain and they’d all suffer the same no matter which way you split them - is this true?

Go to Radio Shack @


Cat # 15-2506 is a 1-to-4 Bi-Directional Cable-TV Amplifier @ $49.99
One input, 4 outputs. You can also use the splitters/combiners you now have if you don’t want to run separate lines from each point of use to amplifier. :slight_smile:

That’s the way the cable company set me up. The line into the house is split. One goes straight to the cable modem. The other goes into a 3-way splitter. All the TVs in the house come off the 3-way.

Maybe the cable company boosted the signal coming into the house or something, but I haven’t had any trouble.