Inner Stickler, expletive pronoun

That is all. I wasn’t allowed to say in any other thread.

Enough already.

Yeah! Enough of…whatever it is you were doing.

I don’t care what you did, Sticks, I still love you!

Don’t you have a gaystrel show to make it to, Eats?

Somebody here is a “class act” all the way. Just don’t know exactly who yet.

Eats Crayons by name, retarded by nature. Here let me do all the work for my own goddamn pitting. Link.

Oh well dear me, you certainly were obnoxious there, Sticks.

Just want you to know that I don’t love you cause you’re gay, I love you cause you’re you. :slight_smile:

Pitee has to provide the cite.

Not a good start to a Pit Thread.

That’s because you’re tactful and mature. <3

Just to be a dick (this is the appropriate forum for that, right?), you’re not allowed to say it in this thread either:
[quote=Ed Zotti,
Gormless Wienie]
Restricted language in the Pit
The following expressions should not be directed at other posters.

cunt and variants, e.g., cuntlapper
fuck you and variants, e.g., go fuck yourself, fuck off and die
suck/lick my dick/cock and variants

Oh, that’s funny.

What he said.

At some point between seeing the thread and clicking on the thread, the “f*** you” was removed and replaced with “expletive pronoun”. That’s really the only thing of entertainment value in this thread.

Seriously, Crayons, your outrage meter needs to be recalibrated.

Seriously, you are pitting him for the “where to buy a gay” thread? Really? If you had pitted me for being a Straighty McStraight shoving his unwanted outrage on behalf of the gays that’d be perfectly justified, but this is different.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Crayons?


Inner Stickler, fiddlesticks whichever?

In the interest of clarity, so that sides can form up properly… :wink:

Inner Stickler, do you categorically object to the concept of gay culture? Are you annoyed when “gay” is used to refer to non-sexual characteristics? Is it different when gay men themselves use the word this way? Is it not acceptable for someone to have friends on the basis of cultural characteristics that appear to correlate with gayness?

Those who might have been fooled into taking the thread seriously, at least at first, are also probably those who might have been fooled because they thought the thread not at all funny and just plain stupid. ~raises hand~ And all that goes to show is humor is subjective, no big deal.

It should work both ways. If you don’t think something’s funny doesn’t mean your breakfast cereal has been contaminated by piss or shards of glass. One of the lamest pittings I have ever seen.

No, with the caveat that the idea of there being one gay culture is simplistic.


I don’t believe in forbidden words. I don’t refer to myself or other gay people by language I would be offended by straight people using.

As long as they don’t try to use it as a shorthand for those characteristics, I don’t care.

What she said.