Input/Info Needed--How can I get this printed?

OK, I found a nice poster online.
And the creator lets anybody who wants to print a copy, free.
But I can’t print it at home or work, because it’s too big. :smack:

Everytime I go to someplace like Kinkos, they insist that I have proof that I can print something like this. When I ask “What kind of proof?”, I generally get a vague response or an I-don’t-know. :smack: :smack:

How do I get this poster printed up inexpensively?
How do you get the “wonderful” ( :rolleyes: ) people at Kinkos to do it?


I assume you want it printed on a large format printer. If not you should be able to resize the picture to fit on regular 8.5"x11" paper.

If you need large format and must use Kinkos see if they can set you up on a PC there and let you print it. Then just pay and go.

If they must do it themselves see if there is a “Copyright” tag on the photo. If there isn’t then tell them it is not their problem.

You also might try printing up the page where it says to go ahead and print the photo for free (or series of pages).

If that doesn’t work ask them to surf to the page in question and see for themselves.

How do you know? Is there an explicit statement to that effect on the web site? Or did you just hear it somewhere? If it’s in writing anywhere, just show Kinko’s a copy of the web page. If you can’t prove it, however, it may not be true.