Inquiry about Leapforce

Looking for a factual answers, but also informed opinions so I’ll post here in IMHO.

I’m looking to pick up some extra income - “folding money” so to speak.
My transportation means are limited, so I was looking for legit work-at-home gigs.

Did some research trying to weed out the obvious scams and just signed up with Leapforce.
(I searched the Board and all I found was a 2009 post in GQ by DanBlather which drew 1 response back then).
I’ve read various other message boards and I know they are legit yada yada, some people have had issues, most have not.

What I was wondering, does anybody have past or current experience with this outfit?
If so, could you share your experiences, tips and tricks, etc.?

Also, if you know of any other other legit work-at-home gigs, please share.

… I find it very, very odd that there’s no Wikipedia article about “Leapforce”.

They are legitimate. I worked for them briefly - I have to admit it was really more red tape than I wanted to deal with for a side job, but I also got a raise at work around the same time, so the financial pressure was off. That probably had a lot to do with my lack of interest once I completed the (lengthy) application process.

You do not get paid for the application and testing, but after that, it is hourly - which is uncommon for work at home jobs (which typically pay by output). Of course, your output must meet their standards, but I found the program pretty fair. They pay on net 30 terms. You must invoice them, as an independent contractor.

Work at home mom forums, such as, are generally the best place to get info on legitimate work-at-home opportunities in my experience. Every place has some complaints (consider the source, though) but you can usually get a vibe if a place is a waste of time or not.

If you’re internet savvy this is probably one of the better options for working at home among the big outfits.

Thanks for the input fluiddruid. I just received their qualification exam today.
I work in the IT industry (web development) and have extensive experience with SEO, so I thought the work focus would be right up my alley.
Could you expound on the “red tape” of which you speak?

bordelond, I never thought to check Wikipedia in my research. Perhaps they want to fly under the radar for some reason, although I can’t think of why.

Can you please describe what sort of job that you did for them? Their website says “Leapforce At Home agents contract with Leapforce to provide search engine evaluation for Leapforce clients”, but what does that mean, exactly?

Generally, the terms of the independent contract agreement prohibit talking too much about the details, but you might read this:

Though written for an already-knowledgeable audience, this thread is also pretty informative:

OK, thanks for the info.

Thanks all for the links. Some good background information there.
I’m hesitant too say too much at this time because I did sign a NDA. I’ll have to review it again to see exactly what I can reveal here.

But I’m satisfied that they are legit.

I know that you’re under an NDA, but I wonder why they wouldn’t just outsource this work to someone in China, India or the Philippines instead?

The positions I saw available were language-specific: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, etc.
So maybe they do to some extent.

I’m a native speaker of English, born in the USA. Perhaps that is why my position remains on-shore.

I have worked for them for almost 3 years and think it is a great company to work for, the people that knock this company are those that aren’t cutting it and why shouldn’t a company terminate people that don’t understand the job?