Insanity Test

Let’s see: mundane - check
pointless - check
hysterically funny - check
Jim and I both failed the insanity test here miserably (as in laughing until we cried). Viva la folie!

“Still crazy, after all these years.”

Heee heee heeeee. Heee heeee.

Why is that funny?

We must all be bonkers in the nut.

Heee hee heee.

Don’t know why it’s funny, but it’s hysterical!

Can’t wait for my friends to come over for dinner so I can subject them to it:D

That’s exactly it, kore. I don’t know why it’s funny, but we couldn’t stop laughing.

And on the same site, there’s

I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do…

Huh, didn’t phaze me one bit. Of course, I have ActiveX controls disabled. :slight_smile:

(I actually have a piece of paper from a psych. doc saying, in essense, that I’m not insane. I like that paper. It’s very reassuring. twitch)

Thanks, galen ubal, I just sent that to all my soon-to-be-ex-friends. “Gonads and strife, gonads and strife, wheeeeeeeeeeeee!” Catchy.

I prefer the (I think) original:

At least, it’s funny to car guys/girls, I hope.

Sorry, Skwerl, I turned it off as soon as I saw the Pokemon crap - I just…hate that stuff.

Ok very funny. I’m not sane. Go ahead and say you told me so.

Now who wants to clean the snot off my monitor.

-is not sane in the slightest- Those are hilarious!!!

You know, before I clicked on it, I said to myself “this had better not be that stupid page with the picture of the car and the idiotic voiceover sound effects…”

But it was.

I completely fail to see why this is amusing.sigh

Guess I’m the party pooper.

Don’t feel bad, Opalcat. I didn’t even crack a smile.

I thought it was annoying… maybe I’m humor-impaired today.

Well, it’s funny to me because I think those riced-out cars that the animation makes fun of are funny in real life, and the sounds capture them perfectly. To each his own.

I’m proud to say that before the I red the caption, or turned the sound on, I was already laughing. When the sound came on I went into hysterics.

I lasted all of 10 seconds and started roaring with laughter, Mrs. Rico came in from the other room to see what in the hell was so funny and instantly collapsed in hysterics on the floor!

Great stuff!


Well, I thought that was damn funny! I lasted about 5 seconds, my eldest son lasted about 15, and my youngest lasted 1! Hee hee not just me that’s insane, that’s ok then.

Damnit man. I had my surround sound on my computer up rather loud since I just got done watching a DVD. I burst into laughter in about 3 seconds and starting twitching after it was done. I do believe my dog thinks I’m crazy.