Insert worst possible swear word here.

I can’t go to my high school reunion.
I quit one of my jobs, but it didn’t work out quite like I wanted: I mostly broke right now, so I can’t just drive up to Portland like I was gonna before.
It’s my own fault, but I still wanted to go, which is weird because I didn’t have many fond memories when I left mid-way though my junior year.
Feel free to berate me for being short-sighted, or offer sympathy, whatever.
I’m just trying to get over it.
That is all.

Oh. I thought it was a poll. And I had a good one.

Do something fun that night.

Worst Possible Swear Word: Oh, FuckinShitDamnRatBastardMotherCuntScrewinCarebear!


Buggerin Carebear

and. . . it isn’t


Is there only ever going to be just one reunion? Can you bum a lift off anyone?

“Barbara Streisand”

I’m partial to “cuntbuggery.”

Sorry 'bout that, 'gnu.

We can make it a poll.
It’ll be like Inside the Actors Studio!


That’s got my vote!

Fargin’ icehole…