Inside Obama's emails

From the Onion. Pretty funny. Jimmy Carter’s cracks me up. I like Cheney’s too.

Note: there are 3 pages to this. That’s kind of easy to miss.

Another note: The above linked photos were attached as part of this article, which helps explain a couple of the gags in the email spoof.

Loved Barry’s avatar in the bottom left.

The one from Mom, and the fact that Joe Biden’s is mixed in with deleted emails, crack me up.

The hendrix avatar was hilarious. Also, they got it wrong. McCain doesn’t use email, remember?

Also, the Monster ad? ROFL.

Great piece, except I’m kind of surprised they didn’t do a quick check before releasing it - his mom has been dead for years. :frowning:

I assumed it was Michelle’s mom.

To me, this is an example of why The Onion is way, way ahead of most other humor sites/mags; the attention to detail. Anyone can write funny headlines, we’ve done it here on the Dope a number of times. The follow-on story that The Onion usually does is a lot of times funnier than the headline. The avatar, the Monster ad, the fact that Joe Biden’s e-mail is in the trash unread with a bunch of spam. That’s comedy gold right there.

The bluntness of the Cheney email was the colorful sprinkle on top of the cupcake.

Also, I have to say, the gag of the original article (moveon sending too much spam) missed a chance to mention that Obama’s org itself sends sometimes two or three emails a day. Unless that’s the subtle point of the joke, in which case I’m getting whooshed.

I forwarded the article yesterday to a friend who sends me dozens of MoveOn(ish) links daily. Haven’t heard a peep since. Og bless The Onion.

I particularly like Obama’s reply on page 3.

I assumed that it was a subtle part of the joke, but it might have been wishful thinking on my part.

Mm, good point.

I was hoping one of the deleted e-mails was going to be a secret muslim chain letter.

If Joe is really wondering why his e-mail isn’t getting answered, he should really take the option that page 1 provides and open a chat window with Obama! :slight_smile:

ETA: I didn’t even glance at the Monster ad 'til it was pointed out. Great stuff.

Awesome. I even got a new name for my fantasy hockey team out of it; beware of the Obamanable Snowmen! Thanks Dio, C.Rock & The Onion

And a quit-smoking email from the American Cancer Society! Hah!

The address, “barry.obama1961”, is a nice touch. Yes, it’s true, absolutely all the good Gmail addresses are already taken!

“Baby, don’t forget to pick up eggs on your way back from the Middle East” :stuck_out_tongue: My husband would probably claim that if he was ever running for office, I’d send him exactly that email…

That’s very well done, and he should really reply to that first email. :stuck_out_tongue: