Obama campaign harvests emails and symbolically screws a blue elephant with a red wand

after clicking on an ad with a “VISIT The Official BARACK OBAMA WEBSITE NOW” slogan and a grim looking photo of the Kenyan renegade clad in a white shirt, I discovered that for the typical [del]sheeple[/del] citizen or voting illegal alien there is no need to get an obvious option of not divulging an email to the enlightened being’s campaign. We are from Obama and we are here to help you share your email.

But, it turns out that it is still possible to access the unholy of the dumb political blogs (seriously, their blog is pretty dumb) by clicking on an image at the top of the page or by manually using http://www.barackobama.com/ url.

Once there, they have a very nice Massachusetts related picture which can be seen here ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs . My caption would be “an erect red wand is screwing a prone blue elephant / state of Massachusetts lying on its back, to a very considerable depth of penetration”.

I wonder what’s up with that. Certainly I am not surprised by the screwing motiff, which is integral to the current administration, but maybe they got political colors switched by mistake.

You need help.

I’m sure the MPSIMS mods won’t mind me moving this rant to the Pit, where the OP can get the help he so richly deserves.

The words are English. But what are they saying?

Wow, those must be really good drugs.

No kidding. I recognize the individual words but in the order they’re presented they make no sense at all.

I fed it into BabelFish, selected MORON TO ENGLISH and got: Obama is teh suxor!1!1

You sure it wasn’t “I burning Obama’s dog!”?

If by “Massachusetts related picture” you mean the shape of the state…hell, I still don’t know where the sexual imagery thing comes from. Think I might like some of whatever you’re smoking, though.

OMG, you can click an image on a webpage and get to a blog!!??111eleven!! Alert the media.

My caption would be: “an arrow labeled ‘go’ superimposed over a silhouette of Massachusetts”. Of course, it was years before I noticed the arrow in the FedEx logo.

Anyway, would you mind coming over and interpreting the ice cubes in my gin and tonic before they melt? I think they are trying to tell me something.

Think he’ll regret that post in the morning?

slowly backs away

Yeah that boytyperanma is crazy! Who knows what he’ll do next?

Man, they weren’t kidding about the brown acid.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done!! I’m melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world. …”

Makes wild half into calling is never Obama keeping although create over.

To be fair, if I smoked some doob first, and by “some” I mean “a metric shitload”, that image might look slightly like a giant red arrow is fucking the state of Massachusetts and by “fucking” I mean “poking its phallus at, like a naive teenager who still thinks the vagina is located somewhere around the belly button.”

That’s just a guess, though, as the Whatsit household is currently lacking in doob supply.

My anti-virus blocked one of those links. Yikes.

you mean this pictorial screwing is being done incompetently and in a manner that is unrealistic and opposed to physical reality and the laws of nature? Well, that’s the SOP of the SOB :eek: