Inside Oscars & Adrian Brody - did i miss something?

i would have posted this in the other oscar threads but i have a particular question about the night.

adrian brody (forgive me if i’m butchering his name) presented a category and as he walked out he said “it’s okay, i’ve got a restraining order” or something like that.

okay, explain that to me. did i miss something from earlier or from adrian brody’s career that makes that funny? and what happened after they announced the nominees? i looked away and heard a jingle and laughing and turned back to see him smiling mischieviously.

i really just feel like i totally didn’t get the joke. can anyone fill me in?

When he won last year, he put Halle Berry in a liplock. Did you notice the breath spray before he announced the winner? A reference to his kiss from last year.

Last year when he won he layed quite a smooch on Halle Berry. That also is the reason behind the Binaca joke too.

…which would have been quite creepy if Keisha Castle-Hughes had won. :wink:

Well, he did win his Oscar under Roman Polanski’s Direction . . .

ah, thank you, that explains everything. that’s what i get for not watching the oscars ever.

I was SO waiting for Charlize to grab him, bend him over and smooch him. Didn’t happen, dangit.

Thy did have quite an intimate smooch for an awards ceremony, IIRC. Kind of a “sympathy kiss” but it lasted longer than a peck.